Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Matt and Miller on KXNO Des Moines

After 3 weeks of rumors and questions, today Ken Miller and I made it official.  We have teamed up to form the "Matt and Miller Show" every weekday afternoon from 4 to 7 pm  on KXNO in Des Moines.  Some quick things:   

1.  Yes, I'm very excited about the new opportunity and it should be really interesting to get to know Ken along the way.  Ken is very knowledgeable and I think we play off each other well.  We don't know each other well so it's going to be fun to start fresh. 

2.  Everything happens for a reason and stepping into a show that had a talented previous co-host will be challenging but I'm my own man.  I'm not concerned about being type-casted.   I think people will learn quickly that I have my own thoughts.

3.  Brian, The Producer of the Big Show, did not come with me from Omaha.  There wasn't a spot for him on the new show.  While i hope to work with Brian again someday, the timing was right for that to happen. 

4.  I can't wait to get back on the air.  It's been 30 days since my last show...I'll be rusty but I'm ready to go.  

I know some of you have been pre-judging me and saying I'm going to be like this or like that.  I'm gonna ask that you give the show a chance before you make up your mind.  If after a couple of weeks, you don't like the show - change the station and go somewhere else for your sports information.  However, please have an open mind tomorrow when the show gets off the ground.  It's going to be a little shaky at first because you have 2 guys who don't know each other very well.  It will be an adjustment for everyone.  We will be much better in 1 month from now than tomorrow. 

Quickly, I just want to say something about how I ended up here in Des Moines.  I did not want to leave Omaha but I feel very blessed to get a job in the PM drive slot so fast after my time in Omaha ended.  However, for those of you who think my show on Big Sports 590 failed in Omaha to draw an audience - the latest ratings book came out and The Big Show was 3rd in our key demo (which is Men 25-54).  Now, Z-92 was 1 and 1620 was No. 2 but having a Top 3 show in your core demo does not get you fired in radio.  The decision to end the show had nothing to do with the success of the show or about my abilities....but rather Journal's desire to stop paying me.  I can only control what comes out of the speakers and the product- not the sales on the station.  Journal Broadcast Group in Omaha is in real trouble money-wise because they can not sell their product any longer.  

So, with that, I hope you will tune on 1460 Am in Des Moines or tomorrow at 4 pm as my 4th job in radio starts anew.  "The Matt and Miller Show" will debut and I hope you can be around in a few years to say "I remember their first show".  

Lastly, Bluejay fans - I've entered into serious talks to take a certain Jays website to the next level with information, interviews, post game reaction podcasts, and premium message boards.  It's about time the Jays got a website that serves their needs completely with consistent information.  Let's be honest - the Omaha World Herald doesn't do enough.  Big Sports 590 is going to pathetically try and serve Jays' fans but will fail with the pre/post games shows next year without an afternoon show.  This website should be launching in the next month so be on the look out - I think you will really like it.    


Timmothy said...

Hey Matt, we used to watch the Husker games at Irish. I thought you would find this story a trip from Andover.

Matt Perrault said...

Hey Tim - Of course I've seen that! :) How crazy is that huh? Freakin' wild ... my brother was there watching it actually as he used to play for the Varsity but quit to focus on pitching