Thursday, April 2, 2009

Iowa, Iowa St, Drake, and now CREIGHTON?

The DI basketball scene in the immediate area has been rocked with transfers and departures recently.  Iowa has lost 4 players including Jake Kelly who is going to Indiana St.  Iowa St. lost local product Wes Eikmeier among others and Drake lost Josh Parker as well.  For the most part - Creighton and Northern Iowa have been unaffected.  Until now.....Creighton may been next to go through some roster turmoil. 

Word is out that both Sr. Point Guard Cavel Witter and and Jr. Forward Kenton Walker are seeking their release from Creighton.  Let's take them one at a time.....and these are rumors.  I'm not a media member at the moment....I'm a just someone with access to information. 

1.  Cavel Witter - this should not shock people at all.  Cavel Witter has seen his time cut as he was forced to switch positions and it did not go well.  He was sloppy all year when he had the ball in his hands and looked lost at times inside the offense.  Witter was expected to switch full time to the 2 guard spot as Antonie Young will fill Josh Dotzler's starting spot at Point Guard and incoming Andrew Bock will be expected to back him up.  The rumor has Cavel asking to be moved back to Point Guard and be named the starter since he would be the oldest of the 3 options.  The rumor has the coaching staff saying no to the request and thus Witter wants out.

2.  Kenton Walker - this is SHOCKING if true.  And the reason is the treatment of P'Allen Stinnet.  P has always been a lightning rod for attention but there were huge rumors all year that P had received special treatment by the coaches for a variety of off the court issues.  This has angered Kenton to the point where he doesn't want to play with P anymore.  Take it for what it's worth but this was confirmed by 2 people close to the program tonight but not from someone directly associated with the team.  

If this turns out to be true - Creighton has 2 scholarships open and with Coach Brian Fish up for the North Florida job - all of a sudden there is reason to be concerned for next year if you are a Jays fan.  The lack of post depth could prove to be a huge problem if CU does lose Walker and can't replace him.  

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