Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selection Sunday Means N.I.T. For CU

The field of 65 was revealed today and the Creighton Bluejays are not in the NCAA Tournament.  I don't have a problem with that at all given who got in.  Sure, Arizona didn't beat anyone on the road but they have wins vs. teams in that simply don't match up for Creighton.  Penn. St, St. Mary's, New Mexico, and San Diego St all were left out.  I put the Jays in ahead of all of them so I can't complain if CU is out too. 

The real issue is that only 4 mid-majors got at large bids.  In 2004, 12 got at large bids.  It's a huge problem.  As Barry Hinson once said "we are the magic" - talking about the Mid-majors in the NCAA Tournament.  To fix this problem, I would get rid of the auto-qualifier for the Conference tourneys.  If you are good - you get in.  Not hot for 4 games...but hot for 30.  Better indication of the quality of a basketball team.  Xavier, Dayton, BYU, and Butler - that's it.  Sad.  

The silver lining is that the Jays are now a No. 1 seed in the N.I.T.  The Jays HAVE to show up and show that they did belong in the conversation....and get this - KENTUCKY might be coming to OMAHA!  Or - Dana will see his old friend Lon Krueger at UNLV.  AWESOME!!  This is what the Jays needed to focus and get ready for Bowling Green.  

Nebraska is in the same bracket.....The Huskers might have a shot to get to play the Jays in Omaha for a chance to go to New York.  However, they have to win at New Mexico and then at Notre Dame before they even would get a chance to play CU.  

In 3 games, Creighton could see Bowling Green, Kentucky and then Notre Dame at the Qwest Center...are you kidding me!!  That's awesome!!  

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