Saturday, March 7, 2009

Booker Woodfox. That's All You Have To Say....

I write this the morning after.  I write this is in disbelief.  I write this still here in St. Louis.  

The Jays did their best to choke away an NCAA tourney bid, a 22 point lead, and a season that was filled with ups and downs.  We have never seen a comeback in the MVC tourney like the one Wichita St. did last night but we also got our first real "Madness" moment this March.  

Credit goes to Valley Commish Doug Elgin who went OVERBOARD to make sure that everyone knew that Booker's shot at the buzzer was legit - no matter what Double G says.  He allowed 2 columnists to watch the video with a stop watch.  Elgin knows that Marshall is extremely unpopular here in St. Louis with the Valley.  Most fans hate him and the Valley wanted to make sure there was no doubt about the clock malfunction's affect on the outcome.  It didn't.  

1.5 is what it took for Book to send Jays fans into a Morgan St. Mardi Gras.  Creighton fans are here in St. Louis by the thousands and they got to stay around, even if there is a twinge of guilt inside their stomachs.  22 point lead!  The Jays up 13 with 10 minutes to play just stopped playing but the Refs also stopped calling fouls as well.  P'Allen Stinnett had 5 second half turnovers but he also got mugged several times without a whistle.  Cavel Witter also suffered the same abuse.  It was a football game out there for about 8 minutes.  That allowed the comeback and the historic shot so I guess we should say thank you.  

Number 1 play on SportsCenter.  Number 1 moment in my 4 years in Omaha.  It happened right in front of me.  I had sweated out 39 minutes 58.1 seconds and I still can't believe we were in that situation last night.  

Greggggg cried afterwards.  Literally.  Cried.  He said that the ball should never had been the Jays'.  WRONG.  Antoine Young's crazy drive was right in front of me and Clevin Hannah knocked the ball out.  Right call.  1.9 left and Booker was just Booker.  But no tears will change that the shot was legit and so was the win.  Now, Creighton must play Ill. St. and then probably UNI.  The only way to apologize for the awful collapse is win the whole darn thing now.  Pregame at 2:30 today for the Jays vs. RedBirds.  

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