Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jays vs. Kentucky Is Going To Be Very Interesting...

So have you looked at the NIT bracket lately?  3 No. 1 seeds are in the 3rd round....the only one that is not....Yup - Creighton.  And standing in the way for the Jays?  Oh - just the 7 time National Championship Kentucky Wildcats.  

There will be 17,000 people in the Qwest Center tomorrow night.  If it's my last game covering the Jays - at least it was Kentucky!  

Pregame show begins at 2 pm...Yup - 2 pm.  A Beat Kentucky Pep Rally will hit you with the CU Band and Pep team live from Farrell's - 9th and Dodge.  McGough Law Bluejay Report at 4:30.  Tip at 6.  

Go Jays....

"I'd rather do nothing and be happy than do something that I don't really love"....well, I love my job .

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