Saturday, February 21, 2009

VFC 26 - Much Better Than I Expected

When I was invited to sit ringside at VFC 26- Onslaught last night at The MAC, I was pretty skeptical at what my reaction would be.  Turns out - it was really fun.  

The pic to the left is off the Light heavyweight challenger who took a knee to his head and was KO'd.  I thought I would be pretty disgusted by watching MMA live but in all honesty - being that close to the action showed a lot of what was going on inside the ring.  The violence wasn't too much and the skill level, even on this level, was fun to watch. 

The highlight of the night was Drew Dober's 2nd round tap out win over Jimmy Seipel.  The crowd was pumped and the 2 fighters gave it their all.  Jimmy nearly submitted Drew in the 1st round but Drew showed why he is the No. 1 ranked amateur in the country and got away only to come back to win it.  

Give it up to Victory Fighting and owner Chris Circo.  The production value was much better than I expected for a fight night in Council Bluffs.  While it wasn't like being in Las Vegas I'm sure - the fights moved quickly, the skill level was showcased and the event was fun to watch.  Next one is May 1st....and I might just being going back amazingly enough.

Big 12 Counter:  6-6.  Kiss an at large bid goodbye for Nebraska.  They had a shot at Nationally-ranked Kansas this afternoon and got blasted 70-53.  The Huskers now must look to Oklahoma City for a Big 12 tournament title to make it the Big Dance.  Very, very difficult hill to climb.  Nebraska is now tied with Oklahoma St at 6-6 but they lose the tie breaker with the Cowboys.  

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