Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tom Shatel Mans Up

I want to give Tom Shatel of the Omaha World Herald a lot of props today for admitting he was wrong with his last column on Bluejay Basketball.  It takes a big person to admit that he didn't do his job and made a mistake.  In case you missed the post on the - here it is:

Okay, I'm probably going to regret this, but I will keep it short. 

1. Ever had a bad day at the office? I did. Just the other day, in fact. The only problem is, everybody sees my bad days. 

2. Timing is everything. I had been planning, and researching, that column all season. Literally. I have no idea why I didn't write it after the Drake (home) game. I had another column already written that day and should have subbed it out. Oh, well. I'm 50 and still learning. I thought I could hold it another week or two. I know Dana's teams always improve. I thought this one would be the exception, though. I was bound and determined to write that column. The other night, I forced it in, much like some guys force a shot. Anyway, clang. Off the rim. 

3. I don't apologize for liking Doc. Much as I have admired Dana all these years (the Husker board calls me "Dana Shatel"). As a hoops guy, I'm perfectly content with the two coaches I cover. Doesn't mean I won't jab them once in a while. I know there aren't many of you on this board who were born before 1996. Back then, I gave Dana the "Doc'' treatment. Love how he coaches. Let's see how he can recruit. Dana did fine. Let's see how the guy in Lincoln does.' 

4. I accept any and all grief that comes my way. Always have, always will. Call or email anytime. And, by all means, boo me at halftime. Heck, after last week, I'll probably boo, too. 

Again, I don't regret what I wrote, just the timing. Creighton is playing well now. I'm sure I'll write about it in three weeks. 

5. I need a new topic for Creighton hoops. I've run that one into the ground. After Saturday's game, anyone have any ideas?

And here is what I said on my show about his column:  Big Show on Tom Shatel

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