Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MVC Madness

A week before Arch Madness - the Missouri Valley Conference is going to see one of the craziest weeks in recent memory.  Tonight, Drake beat UNI as the Panthers saw Jordan Eglseder missed 2 Free Throws with 5.2 seconds to go.  DU 49 UNI 48.  Jays are now tied for the lead with UNI at 12-4 for the MVC title with 2 games to play.

3 teams are in play for the final 2 games of the regular season.  UNI and CU at 12-4.  Illinois St 11-5.  So who do you like after the Bracketbuster games?:

UNI:  They must go on the road to Redbird Arena on Tuesday to take on the Redbirds on Sr. night.  Good luck with that!  Then, they have their own Sr. day vs. Evansville - a team that is playing extremely well right now.  Couldn't be a worse time for the Panthers to have lost 2 straight games.  Prediction:  1-1 finish but 0-2 is VERY possible.

Creighton:  Jays have a huge test on the road Missouri St.  I say huge because Mo. St has won 19 straight Sr. nights according to a listeners email who is a big Bear fan.  Jays have played well on the road as of late with wins at UNI, at Drake, and at SIU.  However, Mo. St will play their guts out.  After that - CU comes home for Sr. Day vs. Illinois St which, in my opinion, will be for the Valley Crown.  GOING TO BE NUTS!  Prediction:  I have no idea what is going to happen

Illinois St:  Well, the Redbirds control their own destiny.  If they win out....they win the MVC title.  It's that simple.  Redbirds should win at Sr. night and you have to like the way they match up with CU.  Their wing players are better than CU's.  ISU's bigs are tougher than CU's.....will the Qwest Center be the equalizer?  Saturday afternoon games are huge for Jays fans.  How big will they be next weekend?  Prediction: I can easily see 2-0. I can see 0-2.  No CLUE!  Can't wait to see what happens.

However, here is a ridiculous situation as the Jays sit tied for the 1 seed for the MVC tournament right now.  If CU beats MSU, Ill St. beats UNI and then CU loses to Ill. St - all 3 teams are 13-5 and the Jays would be the 3 seed for St. Louis!!  Win out and you're no worse than the 2 seed.  Lose one or two and the Jays are at a real disadvantage for St. Louis.  Jays have to take care of business next week.  

3 teams.  2 games. 1 title on the line!  Buckle UP!  

Big 12 Counter:  Nebraska is now 6-5 on the year.  Officially - for all who want me to say it - I was wrong about the number of wins for the Huskers.  Bad game to watch - refs needed to clean it up but never did.  Sloppy and chippy.  Colorado hasn't won on the road since 2006 so nothing to brag about.  NU goes on the road now to KU.  Must win if they want to be even be talked about come Selection Sunday.  

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