Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching Up

So I know I'm behind here a little with some of things here so I'm going to try to catch up quickly.  

Big 12 Counter - 6-7.  I still haven't seen a replay of the Steve Harley ball saving act against A+M that shows him inbounds but it doesn't matter and didn't matter - Nebraska was out of the NCAA the second they lost to Kansas on the road.  But if they lose 2 of the next 3, I will be 2 games off of my over/under prediction on the year.  Still 7-9 in the Big 12 isn't a horrible year for a program like NU's.  Nebraska has played hard this year but I will be curious to see how they play in the NIT.  Not enough offense this late in the year to beat many quality teams.

Looking for new music?  Try the new album by Brit Lily Allen It's not Me, It's You.  VERY fun and amusing album.  I'm not a typical guy so I find over-the-top brit pop very enjoyable - heck I've seen Oasis around 14 times.  Kate Nash, Jem, Amy Winehouse, Duffy are some of the similar sounds that you will hear with Lily Allen but I like her better.  I've become a big fan of her 2nd album - more so than the first.

Anyone else watching American Idol this season?  Guilty as charged - yes I do watch - but that's because it's the perfect DVR show.  You don't have to sit through all the stupid comments or commercials.  You just listen to see if the song is good, if not - blow past it, hear the critiques and move on.  My family has become addicted to the show - having viewing parties that rotate to different houses.  So I watch so I can talk to them too.  I'm loving the new judge though - Kara Dioguardi...she is gorgeous! and can sing too. I'm a huge fan of a girl who can sing...strangely enough - I've never dated a girl who could...probably why I'm single still at 31 :)...ok - there are better reasons but that has to be one of them.

New show to watch if you are in need - Trust me on TNT.  Really well done.

I'm happy to announce that Friday Night Lights has now passed Entourage as my favorite show on TV.  

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