Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Both Nebraska Teams Impress

I haven't had much time to write about the Jays win over Evansville but as I said on the air tonight.....If Kenny Lawson comes to play - the Jays are a very good team. If he doesn't - they are very average. Big win on the road....30 point lead at one up - Drake. Drake, got killed tonight by Missouri St. (It was a very weird night in the Valley as Wichita beat Ill. St! and UNI nearly got beat by Bradley). Jays will see a pissed off Drake team Saturday afternoon.

Big 12 Counter - 2-2. The Huskers showed a lot of heart tonight against a much better Oklahoma team tonight. Sure, it got away from them at the end and it got a little chippy with Blake Griffin but overall - nice effort.  

The Huskers luckily didn't play new post player Brian Diaz....however let's see what happens on Saturday.  He does not need to play this year...period.  It's wrong for him and selfish of Nebraska if he does play.

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