Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bad Sign For CU

The 2008-09 season has some dark clouds on the horizon for Creighton Basketball.  Today in Wichita, those clouds blocked out the sun. 

Loss 3 on the year in the MVC is gonna stay with the Jays for a while.  They got crushed on the boards by a Shocker team that was longer, quicker and stronger.  Kenton Walker and Kenny Lawson Jr. combined for a sad 7 boards as CU gave up 20! 20! offensive rebounds.  It was sick to watch and CU looked like they simply couldn't get to any loose balls today.  On the road, 50-50 balls have to be won more than lost.   

The problem is now that the Jays are 14-5 on the year but 4-3 on the year in the league.  They are 2 games behind UNI now and have already lost to them.  The problem is size, strength, and heart.  Going to Wichita and losing isn't that big of deal.  It has happened 3 of the last 4 years.  It's the way the team lost that has the Jays fans worried.  The Jays lost their toughness today without Chad Millard who is gone for a month.  Booker Woodfox is no where near 100% and P'Allen Stinnet looked uninterested in the game. 

Rebounding is going to be the reason why this team won't make the NCAA tournament.  They have the talent and they have a few of the pieces needed...but they don't have the sheer bulk and size needed to compete night in and night out.  

Big 12 Counter: 2-1 Nebraska crushed Kansas St. today who looked as bad as Creighton did today.  Kansas St really is lacking in talent but they didn't play well at all against the Husker tough D.  Now real fun begins for Nebraska...let's see where we are after the next 3 games.  

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