Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big 12 Counter

At the beginning of the year, I put the over/under for Nebraska in Big 12 wins at 5.  I took the under - just for the record.  Others disagreed and took the over.  

Today, Big 12 play began for Nebraska and I didn't see anything that will make me change my mind.  Sure, they won 56-51 but they gave up a 18 point lead at home to Missouri and couldn't do anything on offense in the 2nd half.  They got lucky to hang on and could have easily have lost the game.  I felt Missouri just didn't come to play.  It was a great defensive effort in the 1st half but the Tigers did a horrible job in the first half of taking care of the basketball.  They were soft with the ball and as we know - NU plays great on-ball defense.  The second half was better but Missouri had dug too big a hole for themselves. 

The Huskers schedule is favorable to begin with.  Missouri is a team that Nebraska has dominated in recent history so a win was predicted by me.  Next up - at Ames for Iowa St - winnable but the game is on the road.  Then Kansas St at home.  3-0 is possible but so is 1-2.  

Yet after that - then it gets to the part where I think there are problems for NU:  3 of 5 on the road and Oklahoma, Okie St, and Kansas amoung others.  

Win Counter: 1-0.  We will see what direction the team goes from here but a win is a win - no matter how you get it.

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