Saturday, January 3, 2009

Big Game Tonight! - PARTY CANCELLED

This is for everyone who is in and around the Omaha area. Tonight, I'm hosting a Bluejay viewing party at The Cove on 144th and Maple for CU's big game against Illinois St!

The Redbirds are 13-0. Creighton is 12-2. The Jays have won 9 straight. Illinois St. has won 13 straight. Something has to give!

We'll be at The Cove from 7 to 9 with tickets to the UNI game on Tuesday, CU giveaways from our friends at Lawlor's and other great stuff as well! Drink specials and a chance to watch the Jays game with your fellow Bluejay fans at The Cove tonight.



mvcblows said...

GETTING worked tonight by 22. i can't wait to her the excuses. p dummy is a bit*H. i love the back door alley opp.

Brian said...

How appropriate that the viewing party was canceled due to the weather. Re-affirms the "fair weather" fan label. Good thing the game wasn't at the Qwest or it would have been very noticeable. Oops!

Red Sox Fan said...

How about the safety of our listeners? Did you go out today? Jays lost to a undefeated happens. No excuses - better team won....just like UMBC right?

farmboy2376 said...

I went out today. Drove to Lincoln to watch the Huskers kick the crap out of pathetic little MD Eastern Shore. 80 miles one way in the crapy weather.

sublime_fan27 said...

I drove from omaha to Lincoln for the Husker game as well. I've been driving all over omaha tonight. A lot of wrecks, but a lot of omaha drivers also think that 4-wheel drive stops them faster, too. There is no need for all these omaha people to have 4-wheel drives if they don't know how to use them Haha, idiots!

Creighton got blown the f**k out tonight, they didn't even belong on the same floor. That's too funny.

Wow...still can't get over how bad you all lost!

Red Sox Fan said...

You guys really embarrass yourselves on here daily. It's really sad and makes me really consider banning all comments on this blog. There were several severe accidents - I witnessed one of them tonight on my way to the station. It was not a joking matter at all. 10 cars went off the highway between Omaha and Lincoln.

Come back to earth morons - it was a basketball game. Not life or death - but the weather situation could have been. You make me sick.