Sunday, October 19, 2008

1st Inning

Coco tries to make Garza field his position and tries to throw the ball through Pena. Jesus.

Pederioa takes Garza deep with a LASER to left! Game 7 2004 - The Red Sox jumped out to a lead in the 1st inning vs. New York and it took the crowd out of the game...same thing here. 1-0 Sox

Papi walked....close pitch on 3-2 but it was a touch high with the fast ball. Garza is throwing gas but he's not hitting his spots. He looks ridiculous with that ear gauze in there. Is at a concert or a ball game?

Youk on a 2 strike pitch, floats one to the right. Nearly a great piece of hitting but 2 outs. Question here - did you notice just half the crowd standing when there were 2 strikes? I think that is because the bandwagon, ex New Yorkers who are at the game think that the Rays are the Yankees. Sorry. Different team. The other people just looked at them and did nothing

JD Drew strikes out...again the standing but this time it's 3/4 the stadium. Garza through a lot of pitches and Red Sox got the lead. Now Lester needs to step it up.

Lester goes 1-2-3 against Tampa. Big Start of the game for Boston and has shut up the crowd so far after 1

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