Sunday, October 19, 2008

5th - Game Changing Inning

The 5th inning is where this game has taken a dramatic turn for the worse for the defending Champs....

Red Sox: Did nothing against Garza and they haven't done anything since the HR by Dustin. They are running out of outs.

Rays: Lead off Double. Infield Hit. Single by Rocco. 2-1. Chip Caray then says "How Big are 2 outs hits". There are NO OUTS in the inning. Chip is an alright broadcaster but he's been asleep at the wheel in this series on certain statements and TBS as a whole has been awful. (see Game 6). Lester is struggling and Terry has to think about when to pull him. Strike Out of Barlett. Tap out for 2 outs but then Lester gets out of the inning by getting Upton!

New game now.

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