Friday, October 17, 2008

From Sick To Silly

Admit it Red Sox fans - we thought we were done. Over. Next stop spring training. The Tampa Bay Rays were just better on Thursday night. Scott Kazmir was rolling. BJ Upton was crushing. The Red Sox were losing 7-0 in the 7th inning.

I will admit it - I stopped watching at 5-0 and started to read a book. I even watched Grey's Anatomy instead of innings 3 through 6! That's when the texts starting coming. "Are you watching". "Papi!". "here we come!". "Could we do it?" I said to myself - "Huh?" 7-4 Tampa.

Back in 2004, I started keeping journal of big moments in my life. I write in it every so often about my life and especially about sporting events that I cover or watch. I wrote all about the Yankees in 2004 and how amazing it was to watch Game 7. In fact, I followed it inning by inning.

I switched TV's at 7-4. Changed hats. Put on my Red Sox shirt. Picked up my journal from 2004 and read about the comeback. Then I read about 2007 with the Rockies. Then I started to write about the Red Sox and Rays. 7-5. 7-6. 7-7. It felt like 2004. It felt like 2007 all over again.

Bottom 9 - JD Drew wouldn't let the Red Sox lose with a laser to right. Papi Hr. JD Drew HR. JD Drew scored Youk for the game winner. Unreal game and the 2nd biggest comeback in postseason history. How many times are we gonna say that? Tito Francona is 8-1 in elimination games. 8-1!

Game 6 on Saturday - I can't wait. In 2004, ALCS Game 6 and Game 7 was at Yankee Stadium. Remember Dave Roberts on "the steal"? How about Coco Crisp and "the At-Bat"! Could history repeat itself? Let's find out!

UPDATE: Bill does it again! Simmons story


johnny drama said...

All we need now is some ketchup for Beckett's sock in game 6. What a great ending that was last night.

Wes134 said...

Bout time you put something up about Boston. I was sure you would be all over this. What a game last night. I'll admit, i gave up on it and turned it off after it was 7-0. It was only after i got a call from my dad about Ortiz's Homerun that i turned it back on and watch the rest from there. JD Drew! man he was clutch last night. Hope they can keep it up!