Sunday, October 19, 2008

7th - Blown Chance

The Red Sox got a prayer out of Jason Varitek in Game 6....not so in Game 7.

Red Sox: Walk to JD. Single by Bay but a flyout by Kotsay and then Tek strikes out swinging badly.

This was their shot. They had a pitcher who was gassed and could have scored the tying run. 6 outs left for the Red Sox and they are not looking good right now. Why wouldn't the Red Sox HIT for TEK!!?? They have Cash on the bench and they have Ellsbury who has hit Garza pretty well?!! He could beat out an infield hit. Terry made his first mistake. The Rays have home field, a better line up, a better bullpen....this is not going to be fun....has the magic simply run out for the Red Sox?

Rays: Lead off Homer by Ayabar and starting wrapping up the locker room for the Rays. Baring a miracle - this game is over.

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johnny drama said...

Way to have faith in your team.