Monday, September 8, 2008

Still Clean?

Helmet on knee...illegal for sure. You debate clean or dirty but clearly it's illegal


LankBadly said...

this just in, reports confirm Tom Brady has a bruised uterus!

LankBadly said...

Looks like those cheating Patriots are pushing the Chief into Brady. Those dirty rats!

LankBadly said...

Even Carson Palmer stated that he didn't know how the "Kimo Clause" was going to be enforced.

"Palmer: I like it, obviously. Anytime you're a QB and they do something to improve the health of your position, you like it. I still don't see how it's going to work. It's a tough thing to call. I don't think the hit that [von Oelhoffen] hit me on would have warranted a flag or a penalty. He was just kind of falling into me. It will be interesting to see when somebody gets penalized, when a flag gets thrown, because it's going to have to be blatant."

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

I thought you said that he hit him after he released the ball in the previous post, but then in the picture here it looks like Brady still has the ball? I understand that you're upset, but has your grief caused blindness as well?

Husker_Engineer said...
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Husker_Engineer said... we go:

ts not 'clearly' illegal. The clause says that the defender should make every opportunity to not hit the QB at or below the knee. The rule does not say it is illegal to hit the QB below the knee...only that the defense should avoid it as much as possible.

Sammy Morris is clearly pushing down on Pollard, impeding his ability to hit Brady above the knee. I don't think it was illegal or dirty.

If you are looking for someone to blame, try Kevin Faulk on for size. He is much better than Morris at picking up the blitz, but because of the guy cares more about weed than his team, he was not there to block on that play.

bostonyankee said...

While not calling Pollard's play dirty, Belichick said his players are taught to hit quarterbacks between the knees and shoulders. Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork complained that he was penalized and fined for a hit similar to Pollard's, but league spokesman Greg Aiello said supervisor of officials Mike Pereira determined it was legal.

"It is not a foul because the defensive player was coming off and affected by a block by the offense," Aiello said.

So the hit was legal per NFL officials. Why would you even post a picture as if its better evidence when we have video of the event? Also why is the national media not picking up on this at all? If this was a dirty play or at the least an illegal hit, one would think it would be over all over the media today but it's simply not. Case closed, move on.

SC Cy said...

Come on was a very legal play involving a player who was knocked to the ground was still trying to make a play. Bad luck yes, cheap shot...not even close.

Tubmin said...

It is quite obvious that Matt's view is terribly skewed to the fact that he is a Boston sports homer. How you can be so irate about the Pollard play, when you have Rodney Harrison on your team, makes no sense.

I have never been a Travis Justice fan on the radio, but juxtaposed with Perrault, he sounds like a genius.

If Dustin Pedroia ever gets taken out by a player trying to break up a double play...look the hell out! Perrault will turn the show into the "World vs. Boston Conspiracy Show." But then again, anything would beat "Fairways and Greens."

Leave Bernard Pollard alone.

bostonyankee said...

LOL, I think today it was a good thing that Matt and Travis were in different studios because I think Travis wanted to clock Matt during that Brady segment. A had to do a double take at my radio dial today because for a second I thought I had the Sean Hannity Show on, sounded about the same.