Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playoff Prediction vs. Reality

So as the MLB playoffs get set let's see how I did back in April when I made predictions: Here is what I thought would happen:

Predicted: AL East - Boston
Actual: AL East - Tampa Bay - Wrong barring collapse

Predicted: NL East - New York
Actual: NL East - Philly- BIG MAYBE HERE

Predicted: AL Central - Cleveland
Actual: AL Central - Chicago or Minnesota - Wrong

Predicted: NL Central - Chicago - Right

Predicted: AL West - Seattle
Actual - AL West LA Angels - Wrong

Predicted: NL West - Colorado
Actual: NL West - LA Dodgers - Wrong

Predicted: AL Wild Card - Detroit
Actual: AL Wild Card - Boston - Wrong

Predicted: NL Wild Card - Arizona
Actual: NL Wild Card - NY, Milwaukee or Philly - Wrong

So, let's see...I was right about The Yankees not making it.....and that's about it. YIKES! Only the Cubs pick turned out to be completely right. I might be right with the NL East but I'm wrong right now....that would 2 of the 8 playoff teams predicted that I got right. Not something to be proud of.....

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LindsayBlake said...

I pick cubs and white sox... or rather i think that would be cool... and then i pick cubs.