Sunday, September 7, 2008

Season Might Be Over After Week 1

I don't really know what to think tonight about the injury to Tom Brady's left knee because football is a contact sport and contact can cause injuries. However, when a 3rd year blitzing saftety of the Kansas City Chiefs named Bernard Pollard dives at Patriot QB Tom Brady's left leg after he released a throw down field (after looking at it again, the ball was released as contact happened but it doesn't change where he was hit)- you have to ask yourself - didn't the league outlaw this type of thing a few years ago? The answer - yes.

It's called the "Kimo Rule". Kimo von Oelhoffen was a player for the Steelers who dove at the leg of Carson Palmer of the Bengals. Palmer's knee was shreaded and so were the hopes of the team for the Playoffs. The NFL stepped in and said a player on Defense must take "every opportunity' to avoid hitting the QB at or below the knees when the QB is in a defenseless position looking to throw with both feet on the ground." That didn't happen with Pollard today. He crawled and dove at Pats star QB's leg. In my opinion...I agree with Randy Moss - "I think it was a dirty play"

But is that the fan in me coming out? Probably. I'm pissed off cause one player took out the star of the league. The entire AFC just became wide out because of one guy's mind cramp. Would Pollard have liked it he was in Tom's position and Tom did that to him? I seriously doubt but it's part of the game...injuries that is. Stars get hurt and you have to go on without them. is reporting that it's a serious knee injury for Tom Brady. Last year they were 16-0 and nearly made history by winning the Super Bowl but he was injured for that big game and now injured in game 1 of the year. I'm sick. I'm stunned. I'm pissed. But it is part of football...a nasty part of the game that shows that one guy's idiot move can wreck so much.

Let's hope the Patriots can rally around Matt Cassell and play well next week at the Jets.


Joe Belek said...


if you watched NBC tonight, Peter King called a lot of people, including John Lynch, and nobody thought it was a dirty play. the only people that think it was a dirty play are Patriot fans.

bostonyankee said...

After watching the replay several times, there isn't any way I can call that a dirty play. If that is a rule violation and Pollard gets fined then the NFL needs to get rid of the rule or turn the NFL into a flag football league. This is football, remember? Sure it sucks Brady got hurt, I wish that on no player from any team but there has got to be a line where we do not protect the QB from everything. This coming from an Eagles fan who gets to see his QB taken out every other year for the season. If I was a Patriots fan I would be a lot less concerned about Pollard being dirty and instead wondering what my front office has been doing the last couple of years in preparation for post Brady football. Obviously, not much. It will be intersting to see if the Patriots stick with Cassell or try to go after another QB. Culpepper out of retirement maybe? Reunion with Moss? Maybe Vinny Testaverde has one more year in him. All I know is after week one, the AFC looked considerably weak, Colts and Chargers in particular, so if the Pats can find a QB, all may not be lost.

sublime_fan27 said...

How was that a dirty play? Pollard clearly reached over and tried to bring Brady down before the ball was even out of his hands. I find it both suprising sad that you are that biased that you would actually lie to yourself and make believe Pollard hit him after Brady trew. Wait a minute, I don't find your bias the least bit suprising, just sad. I mean, I understand you having a bias towards Creighton as they basically pay your salary. But come on, the Patriots don't pay your salary. It's called being objective.

While I never would wish an injury upon anyone, I'm not going to lose sleep over Tom Brady's injury. The dude is a grade A douche bag. I'm glad the Manning brothers gave him and his cheating coach back-to-back beatdowns.

LankBadly said...

I assume Matt objected to the "intentional" Carson Palmer knee injury by Kim Von Alphabet. Maybe he created this video.

LankBadly said...

Actually, I just read your diatribe Matt, and realized your referred to that cheater Kimo.

Your most inaccurate and accurate words were this paragraph...a grammatical error, and (perhaps) a mispelling.
"Last year they were 16-0 and nearly made history by wining the Super Bowl [they nearly made history by by "wining" the super bowl, they've already won it, that's not history] but he was injured in that big game and now injured in game 1 of the year."