Saturday, August 2, 2008

Manny Knew What He Was Doing

According the Boston Globe, Manny Ramirez tried to talk his way into staying in Boston after he was traded but before the deal was approved by the league. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

Why did Manny do this? I think it was because he learned that GM Theo Epstein had the blessing of 7 Red Sox leaders to trade him. I think he realized that his actions had made him an enemy of the very players he won 2 Championships with and he thought were his friends. Manny isn't a talker. Yet in the final days of his career in Boston, it was his spoken words that got him finally kicked out of town. In my opinion, it was on purpose.

I believe that Scott Boras knew that he wasn't going to any money from Manny until he signed a new contract and he didn't want to wait another 1 or 2 years to captalize on Manny. Ramirez's contract was orginally done by Jeff Moorad and he was getting the commission off that deal signed 8 years ago. At 36, Manny can sign a 4 year deal and make around $20-25 per. Boras gets his cut off that after not seeing a dime for the past 2 years off Manny. It was a caculated decision to get the Red Sox to not pick up his option years.

This is the same agent that tried to steal the spotlight from the Red Sox during the World Series by announcing that A-Rod would opt out of his contract with the Yankees. This is the same agent that A-Rod stopped talking to and bashed publicly for his behavior. Should we have expected anything else from a slime ball like Boras? This guy rep's J.D. Drew of the Red Sox - great. When does J.D. start his crying and whinning? Boras should be hated in Boston...but so should Manny. He acted like a kid and then knew he screwed up after he was evicted from the team. He went too far and you have to be proud that the Red Sox brass said enough was enough. They were better off without him.

Incomes Jason Bay. 2 games - 2 wins. Bay has scored 4 runs - both in a 2-1 win Friday, hit a 3 run homer, a triple, walked 3 times and made 2 nice plays in left field. It's not called the "Bay State" for nothing. Maybe, just maybe - the Red Sox will do exactly what they did in 2004 and when they got rid of a clubhouse cancer in Nomar.

We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime - Manny is as far from Boston as possible. Good.


sublime_fan27 said...

This was a great deal for Boston. Jason Bay is better than Manny right now. He's got the better glove and he's better teammate than Manny. He's almost the hitter Manny is too. Imagine if Bay was batting in the same lineup that Manny was the past few years. I bet the numbers would almost be identical.

Red Sox Fan said...

let's hope you are right. But a great start to his career....Manny hasn't exactly been horrible on the field for L.A. either. He's a hall of famer but Bay is much more welcomed in Boston

SC Cy said...

All I'm saying is wait for Bay to have adversity. Bay hit less than .220 with RISP with the Pirates this season. He had his first ever walk-off base hit. He did all this under the glowing national spotlight of...Pittsburgh. He could surprise, who knows. I hope he does well. The guy Pirates fans really miss is Nady (but he'll get injured soon so it's really no big deal!). Those were two trades my Pirates had to make, not to dump salary but to rebuild.

By the way, is it rebuilding if you haven't won in 16 years?!