Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big Show Big Bus was a Blast

Thanks to everyone who came on the bus last night to see the Red Sox beat the Royals 8-2. We saw Josh Beckett pitch like it was 2007 and we saw Jason Bay tie a career high for hits at 4 including a crazy, top of the wall rolling ball double. I've seen 2 games this year -the first on the 4th had that nutty Johnny Damon almost-catch ball land top of the wall only to fall off and now Jason Bay's. Wild year so far for my Red Sox live watching. Sox are 2-0 with me there though I'm trying to go to the game on 17th too. They need all the help they can get.

It was a great time and a late night. If you missed the trip - we'll do it again next year for sure! Pictures are soon to come so check back on the blog later on.


SC Cy said...

I bet it was a great time. Count me in next year!

kevin said...

I honestly don't even REMEMBER eating a shoboygen susage...then lange showed them to me...then I asked what time we left the game.

everything after the 6th was kinda fuzzy, but I distinctly remember hanging out on the corner giving handshakes and high fives to kids after the game.

that corner were we parked at will forever now be known as "tree's corner" every big show big bus trip HA HA