Monday, August 25, 2008

Jays Announce Schedule

Big Sports 590 for the 14th straight season will be the home of Bluejays basketball team. The Jays announced their 2008-09 schedule today. Some hightlights: Opening vs. New Mexico (Steve Alford), other homes games include Oral Roberts and Dayton in the Non-Conference. Road games at St. Joe's and Nebraska and a trip to Vegas for 2 games (Fresno and maybe St. Louis).

Dana Altman gets a B+ for this schedule. For more info:


Wes134 said...

New Mexico, Oral Roberts, Arkansas Litte Rock, NU, St Joe's, Dayton, Fresno St, and Depaul or St Louis. That is one of the better non Conf. Schedules i've seen in a while for CU. Can't wait to see NU's, I am guessing they will also get Arkansas Pine bluff, Mississippi, Northern Colorado, and Southern as well, they usually get them after we get them, or vice versa.

Wes134 said...

yea so i just realized that Northern and sothern are part of that Las Vegas Tourny so NU wouldn't be playing them, my bad. Still you can count on NU playing Arkasas pine Bluff and Mississippi Valley ST

Husker_Engineer said...

Nebraska's schedule includes:

11/? San Jose State
11/19 at TCU
11/29 Creighton
12/7 at Arizona State
12/13 at Oregon State
12/20 IPFW
12/23 Maryland-Baltimore County
12/30 South Carolina State

and is rumored to include:

Alabama State
St Louis

CU's Non Con

New Mexico
Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Oral Roberts
Arkansas-Little Rock
Mississippi Valley State Saint Joseph's
Northern Colorado
Fresno State
DePaul/Saint Louis

So, if CU's is a B+, then NU's is what?

CU plays 5 teams in the top 100 RPI from last year, NU plays 3.

NU plays 1 team below 275, CU plays 3

This Non-Con schedule is better than last years. Could be better still, but we do have a pretty decent conference schedule to contend with.

Wes134 said...

Maryland-Baltimore County enough said

wscsuperfan said...

UMBC was 24-9 last year...that record is better than quite a few of the CU opponents in the non-con. And they were an NCAA tourney team a year ago.

Red Sox Fan said...

3 decent games for a BCS School? You actually want me to rank that? C-

Brian said...

Why would you even bring in the football-only label, "BCS" into a basketball conversation?

If that's the case, what time does Creighton kick off this Saturday? Oh wait...

Husker_Engineer said...

The average RPI's for the non-cons will be roughly the same and although CU plays 2 more top 100 teams, they also play 2 more bottom feeders.

Considering at season's end, just like last year, NU will play more teams in the top 50 RPI then CU will

2008 vs top 50 RPI

CU: 0-6
NU: 3-9

For those with less than stellar math skills, that is twice the number of top teams....and we managed three wins.

Look, I know you hate Doc....and that's cool. Makes it better when we win.

sublime_fan27 said...

I'm just glad the Nebraska-Creighton game doesn't fall on the 28th this year. It would be hard for Creighton fans to switch t-shirts that fast.

Wes134 said...

hey creighton football hasn't lost a game in 66 years, granted our last season was in 42' but at least they were 5-4 and bowl eligable. what did NU do in their last football season???????

(if you take this as a serious argument then you are an idiot)

Husker_Engineer said...

Good one

No worries though....only played the Hilltoppers (CU, for those who don't know, used to be called the Hilltoppers) three times.


Outcome was pretty good for us.


LankBadly said...

"Dana Altman gets a B+ for this schedule.". Dana chooses the schedule each year? Who woulda thunk?

SC Cy said...

I think Iowa State and Creighton have an exhibition game set up as well. I'm not sure they keep score but I know they are fairly competitive.

bostonyankee said...

I agree with Matt, the Jays appear to have a better non conf. schedule compared to the Huskers. Having said that, I would take a C- non conf. schedule and compliment that with the Big 12 season any day of the year over a B+ no conf. schedule and then get to watch Mo Valley games the rest of the year. Packing the Quest full for the Mo Valley schedule tells me one thing, there isn't much to do in Omaha in the winter

Red Sox Fan said...

boston yankee? You better be talking about the people not the team. I'm a yankee person...and yankee team hater. How did tonight taste yanks? :)

bostonyankee said...

How did tonight (last night) taste? Probably about the same today did for you. Thanks for the karma, btw.