Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Press Conference Live Today at Noon

Hey Folks,

I'll have a lot more time later in the week to talk about the firing of Steve Pederson but I called for it a few days ago and I think it was the right move by Nebraska. I do think more changes are soon to be made.

However, today we'll air the press conference of Bill Callahan live at Noon on Big Sports 590. You'll get a chance to hear from CC answer ? on his future and A+M.

Talk to you then and from 2 to 6 pm with Eric Crouch joining the show to talk about Pederson.

**my apologizes on the Scott Frost


Missing Boston said...

Are there any sports bars where Red Sox fans get together? I moved to Omaha from Boston six months ago and really miss New England sports.

Red Sox Fan said...

If the sox are in the series - we'll have a gathering of sox fans to watch it together....where are you from?? email me - matt@bigsports590.com