Sunday, October 21, 2007

Big News Coming....?????

There are MAJOR rumors going around right now. Here's what they are and remember - the last time this happened - they all were true.....

- Bill Callahan will announce in the coming days that he will resign at the end of the year.

- Bill will be paid more than his contract buyout to do this.

- This is an attempt to make everything go smoother the rest of the way.

Stay tuned to Big Sports 590 as we will air the Big 12 Teleconference for CC tomorrow and any press conference live this week!


Sean Weide said...

Not everything was true last time. Here is what you posted a week ago:

- 40 million dollars were given to the University to buyout Pederson, Callahan, and Cosgrove and pay off ALL debt that University currently has on facilities. All have been fired and bought out. (NOT TRUE)

- Tom Osborne will be named interm A.D. (TRUE)

- Coach Watson will be named interm Head Coach for the remainder of the season..... (NOT TRUE)

- Press Conference tomorrow to make this all official...... (TRUE)

You're batting 50 percent.

Red Sox Fan said...


- $40 million is still up in the air since the buyouts are all complete - so that's not confirmed or denied.

- Watson to be named interm still might happen - why do you think he was on the sidelines on Saturday? I would say that's no decided.

So it's 2 correct and 2 not completely figured out yet....I haven't been WRONG outright yet.

egami said...

How about we give Matt ZERO credit since he backtracked on all of his original rumor hours after he posted it...

LovtoGolf said...

What happened to your Dan Hawkins interview two weeks ago? Your show really blew that One?

What happened to the T.O. interview last Friday?

American Libertarian said...

YOU were WRONG "outright" Matt the Libtard Perrault. :)

American Libertarian said...

What happened to the Dr Tom interview Mattard?