Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's On!

Congrats to the Rockies, Phillies, Cubs, and D-backs for making it to the post season. Have fun killing each other for the right to get killed by the American League.

It's on now. My prediction - Red Sox vs. Phillies. But I am REALLY pulling for the Rockies. I love their story and their team right now. Second Choice would be Red Sox vs. Cubs. That would rock too....Yes, I'm a homer and I should NEVER pick my team to win...but I'm going in reverse of 2004 and picking my team since the last 2 years haven't exactly been great for us in October....0-2.

Go Red Sox!

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Husker4Yankees said...

NL is a bunch of also rans. They can enjoy their time in the NLDS and NLCS. One they hit the WS....they can lose graciously in Yankee Stadium like so many other teams have.

BoSux over Angels
Yanks over Tribe

Yanks over Chowds in 5

Yanks sweep whatever NL team musters enough sack to make it that far.