Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Unity - As One Stand Together!"

Did you see the way the south voted tonight? The Country is split more than it has ever been before. Welcome to the new Confederacy. It's more a red and blue country than ever before and Omaha is right SMACK in the middle of it all. Look how close District 2 was tonight.
The election is over. Barack Obama is the new president!! But it's time to stand up and realize that there are major problems with the South. He is the President of ALL the United States...not just the West and East Coasts....and he's the President for all white people, all minorities...everyone. I hope those people who felt like a black man could not be their president realize the extraordinary gift Barack Obama is to all of us.

We have to come together for the better of us all. I've lived in Alabama. I've lived in Virginia (even though that went blue tonight and was the former capital of the old confederacy). I know what is going on in those states right now and there will be anger and lots of negative emotion towards Obama from many -not all - but many. But Yes - WE - DID! 2 years in the making...

This was history. This was what the I Have A Dream Speech was all about...40 years later. Simply AMAZING. God Bless the USA! I'm so proud of my country tonight....all of it.


Steve said...

I can't wait until our country votes on the issues and not race. I'm a Democrat, I voted Obama, but am very disheartened by the number of people that are interviewed on every national news station that voted for Obama simply because he is black.

LankBadly said...

"But it's time to stand up and realize that there are major problems in with the South."

Why? Because they voted McCain, or the lead he had? It does seem weird that Georgia was significantly for McCain, but I wouldn't take that to mean that "it's a major problem".

Does that mean Nebraska has "major problems"? At least the elector votes are split here.

LankBadly said...

But as you would say, maybe those people that voted for McCain are just "smokin' crack!"

Red Sox Fan said...

Here is what I meant: This from a man from Tenn:

In this area, they are not going to elect an African-American to be president of the United States. It's just the way people have been brought up."

Steve said...

Six months ago Obama was a candidate for the democratic nomination. Last night was one of the first times he was looked at as black. I was raised to not see color but that was all that was portrayed last night. I have a feeling our country took a giant step back yesterday.

Dumb Anguish said...


Very well said. This country still has a long ways to go in many other areas. Rights were actually stripped away from a lot of people last night. But the fact that Obama was elected last night proves that while change doesn't happen overnight...It is possible.

i-have-broadway said...

"God Bless the USA!"

How should one take this statement coming from an agnostic??

And what he meant was that the south has major problems cause they are wrong due to the fact that they don't believe the same thing he does. What is that crap again liberals like to say about keeping an open mind? Why aren't you open minded to their close mindedness??

sublime_fan27 said...

Earth to Matt "Political" Perrault! You're an idiot! How many people in this country voted FOR Obama because he was black? Millions. Black people and people with "white guilt" voted for him by the millions, just because the color of his skin. On the other end, there were people who didn't vote for him because he was black. Both people have race issues, it's not just one way Perrault.

"Racism" is nature. It's never going to go away. Flash forward to 200 years from now (if we are still alive), it's still going to be there. Humans are still animals, they will still feel closer to people of similar color.

I laugh at all these people who think Obama is some sort of Messiah sent here to magically fix all of our problems. Raise taxes during a recession? That's economics 101, brother. He wants the government, who bankrupted social security and ruined our education system, to control healthcare? Is he an idiot?

It's not the end of the world now that Obama got elected. In fact, he will thrive in a few areas. But at the end of the day he's not smart enough, important enough, or experienced enough to make this country crash. Of course don't sell him short, government-run healthcare would spiral us in that direction.

We sat through the horrible Clinton era. We sat through the horrible Bush era. We will now sit through the horrible Obama era. The only difference being that this era will only last 4 years. It will go one of two ways, Obama will get all these radical, economically irresponsible socialistic ideals passed and he will hang himself, or he won't deliver on what he has promised and look like an idiot. He promised the American people a lot in order to take office. He is capable of doing 1/10 of it.

sublime_fan27 said...

Black people shouldn't look to Obama as some sort of savior either.

I find it sad that the black community thinks that promised handouts, redistribution of wealth, affermative action, and 0 tax burdens are going to help our community. Black people always want an excuse. We never want to take responsibility for anything. You want to help the black community??? Tell us fend for ourselves and rise above. Black people will continue to be the laughing stalk of society if they continue to just take handouts.

Stick to sports, Perrault. You're not really good at it, but you're a hell of a lot better at that than politics. You're just a media brain-washed liberal hack. You're out of your league. Stick to covering MVC basketball, small time.

Red Sox Fan said...

"Black people will continue to be the laughing stalk of society if they continue to just take handouts."

Might be one of the most racist statements I've ever read. I really feel bad for you. Why don't you go to Tenn. or Kentucky and see how many White people are taking handouts to smoke meth. You're really sad and small minded. Get out and see the country - you might actually learn something

sublime_fan27 said...

I am black you twit!

Dumb Anguish said...

Ugh. Did anybody actually buy that "redistribution of wealth" crap? (the scary way of saying the progressive income tax)

We've only been doing that in America since 1913.

johnb133 said...

I'm not saying that we don't have a race problem in America, but it is not one sided. Half of white America voted for Obama and 2% of black America voted for McCain. But it was not mostly a racial thing, it was 60,000,000 people that wanted anyone that did not remind them of George Bush and many millions that bought into Obama's Santa Claus-Nanny Government message like this lady.