Friday, November 21, 2008

Email of the Day

I was surprised at Antoine Young's dunk last night as CU beat down Arkansas Pine Bluff but after watching this video....I shouldn't have been. Kid has serious ups.....

Young's dunk in HS


beav said...

You should offer an on air apology for saying that Nebraska hacks. However, your comment is in line with the whining from most creighton fans i.e. I have never heard more people call for a travel on every single posession.

Rasputin said...

And you will still be whining after another beatdown on your sorry ass next week.

beav said...

I'm not making any promises other than

a) Doc's guys will leave everything on the floor
b)Nebraska will be the more aggressive/physical team.
c)The Devaney Center will be much louder than the Qwest center.
d)If, by some miracle, Nebraska does start kicking CU's arse, Nebraska fans will not leave with 4 minutes left in the game.
e)The Red Zone will be much louder than the Bird Cage could ever be.

Kenny Lawson has yet to show me that he is tough enough to be a dominating force. Josh Dotzler can't make a shot outside of 8 feet. Chad Millard is overhyped. Dana Altman has alreadly been outcoached by Sadler once. It should happen again.

BTW, Sadler was right when he said that about 7,000 people who go to creighton games are there for the social event (especially those that wear their penny lofers and docker's kackies)

Red Sox Fan said...

A. Are you trying to say the Jays don't play hard? Whatever.
B. Nebraska players hack. period. Just like SIU.
C. Jays will had 16,155 for Ark PB - what did Nu have?
D. Jays students don't leave games early.
E. The Red Zone won't even be there because the students are all on break.

Sadler got the best of Dana. Once with a 6'11 player and team hitting PRAYERS from all over the gym. Do you forget the first half from last year? Wow short term memory huh?

You seemed forget the best players for Jays off your list. P'Allen, Booker, Cavel, Justin Carter are the 4 best players for CU.

It's too bad that Justin Carter got cheapshotted on probably won't play against NU. They will need his toughness for hacking the team will take on Saturday.

beav said...
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beav said...

Firstly, I don't know how you came to the conclusion that Nebraska hacks. Nebraska hasn't been on television yet. I doubt you can deduce that by looking at the minimal highlights played on local news.

Secondly, regardless of the support Nebraskans have shown the basketball team over the year, the student section has been consistly good. I've have attended games over Christmas break when the students were in solid numbers. And even if the red zone were 50% smaller than normal, they would be still be louder than the bird zone.

Thirdly, go back and compare the 2006 CU-NU rosters. There is no way Creighton should have lost that game. Some would call that coaching (not all 73 points were lucky prayers).

Lastly, and most importantly, your account of the CU fans leaving early at the ORU game totally vindicates Sadler comment about Creighton fans. Of the 16,000 fans that attend games, about 7,000 are true fans and the rest are looking for a social event.

P.S. I remember that dagger in the 2006 game. Dane Watts running the endline on a out of bounds play after a missed basket. Priceless.

Red Sox Fan said...

Go and look at the shooting % for 2006. It was ridiculous. Then look at the score of the first half last year...1-1. Hometeam's are suppose to protect their home floor.

BTW - If you are such a Husker fan - you should know that CBS College Sports had the NU - TCU game which I watched. Horrible basketball - both teams couldn't hit a shot and both teams just hacked away. So yes, I have seen NU play this year. They don't have any size so they make up for it but not giving up easy baskets - you have to earn it from the strip. So yes, they do hack.

Mr. Trofholz said...


I have to agree with you Matt, Creighton students don't leave early; particularly during the post season Rhode Island game last year when it was so easy for me to keep track of the, at most, mere 200 students that even bothered showing up, but yes did stay.

You wanna talk about a team hitting PRAYERS, let's talk about the end of that game.

It's appropriate though, the most subjective color person in the state, representing the most biased whiners in the Midwest.

wscsuperfan said...

Nebraska had 26 personal fouls against TCU and 21 aganst Pine Bluff. Creighton had 23 against Pine Bluff and 20 against Oral Roberts. Seems about equal to me.

Red Sox Fan said...

1st - The Jays game against Pine Bluff was ridiculous. Refs called 50 fouls. They were whistle happy the whole game.

2nd - It's not the really the number - but where they happen. Look how many FT's TCU took in that game...that's what I'm talking about

beav said...
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beav said...

I guess Jays fans will get upset if a player from an opposing team sneezes in the direction of Altman or his players. Also, whats up with jays fans? Last 2 times they've played Nebraska, I've have never heard more fans whine "T him up", referring to Sadler. I hope Nebraska does play Creighton physically and makes them earn every single point. It has sure worked for SIU in the past.

Now as far as Sadler and Altman are concerned it's a question of what style you like. Do you prefer the up-tempo, man defense style of Eddie Sutton. Or do you prefer the perimeter offense/ zone-press defense of Lon Kruger. I prefer the former.

You should go back and look at the 2006 tape. Nebraska protected the paint against CU and made them earn everything from the perimeter. Sadler also realized that CU could not match up with Maric. Altman tried putting Tolliver on him. That didn't work. That tried putting Watts on him.......that really didn't work. Then CU double teamed Maric. That lead to many open shots from the perimeter (most of which Nebraska made). However, barring Charles Richardson's 35 foot prayer, there was nothing lucky about Nebraska's win. CU was outworked, outplayed, and outcoached.....period. Now, I'm sorry your homerism doesn't allow you to realize that.

beav said...

Also, answer this question honestly.

Which school has a better student section. NU or CU?

Red Sox Fan said...

If the CU student section is your A state school with 20,000 students comparing themselves to a private school with 7,000. Big props to CU huh?

beav said...

Well obviously you going to parse every little thing. So let me rephrase. Per capita (meaning per person), whose student section fans are louder, more raucious, more energetic. At least historically, I bet even you would concede that the Red Zone gets much higher marks in the art of being a good student section.

Larry Legend said...

I hope the Jaysker fans don't get confused and mistakenly root for CU on Friday instead of Saturday. That'd be embarrasing.

Joe said...

Mattie, blowing a 16 point lead to Arkansas-Little Rock! I suppose we can can now all hear about how this was a "trap game".

BTW who are you voting for in the Heisman this year? Oh that's right they don't let hacks vote for that...

Mr. Trofholz said...


Was at the Jays soccer game tonight and heard the basketball team got rolled on the glass. I tried to pull up the stats on the game, but evidently the contest was so dubious that neither ESPN nor CBS bothered to even give a recap, let alone a box score on the game.

Perhaps the Jays would have been better suited to play more aggressively, but then of course they'd risk being labeled "hackers".

Congratulations Arkansas-Little Rock; whoever you are....

sublime_fan27 said...


Creighton got caught looking ahead to what their fans consider "the biggest game of the year". Guess they should have handled Arkansas Ultra Lite first!


BTW, the Nebraska-Creighton game should be good. Two years ago, Creighton had the better team and Nebraska shot lights out to win. Last year, Nebraska had the better team and Creighton shot lights out to win. Same story, Perrault, don't try to spin it.

Also, Omaha Dental had better start working on rebounding in practice. Coach WooPigSoo is in big trouble if they get worked like that on the glass against Nebraska. BIG TROUBLE!

Husker_Engineer said...

Arkanas-Little Rock?


Red Sox Fan said...

Doc is from Arkansas so that's an appropriate nick name for him. I prefer Sling Blade.

sublime_fan27 said...

That's so sweet, Matthew, but you know I'm talking about Dana Altman, the cornerstone of class and integrity.