Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's NOVEMBER! Basketball's BACK!

Bleed It Blue! Welcome to Basketball Season Jays fans! Here's something to get you fired up!


Brian said...

Ah, yes! With Nebraska faltering against Oklahoma and possibly Kansas this weekend, the Nebraska bandwagon has slowed enough to where those fans can jump off in time to get their ticket punched for the Bluejay bandwagon.

Time to get ready for the social scene at the Qwest!

gtmoBlue said...


Thanks Matt.

Mr. Trofholz said...


Hopefully you've come to your senses after pondering it over the off season that collectively, Nebraska was a better team than Creighton last year. Nebraska got soooo much better after, what boils down to being upset by Creighton last year. Getting better is what happens naturally when you play in a quality conference (that actually gets multiple teams to the NCAA tournament).

Doesn't say much for Creighton's season when Nebraska is their marquee win.

The Qwest still has their liquor license right??

Red Sox Fan said...

Want to bet how many games NU wins this year in conference? Or just overall? 5 guards is really going to work in DI basketball- can't wait to see that. The Huskers and the Jays both wound up the same...same ending - 2nd round NIT so scoreboard is the difference. This year - it's about 1 team with talent and developing players - another who doesn't have a 7 foot Sr.

Mr. Trofholz said...


You're probably correct in your assessment of what to expect from Nebraska this year. That being said, I, unlike you with the Jays, am able to look at my team objectively and admit to our short comings rather than make excuses for them. For instance, your feeble attempts to blame the weather when attendance is down during rough patches for the Jays.

You're right, both teams did go to the second round last year, much to your dismay I'm sure since you predicted that Nebraska probably wouldn't even get in and if they "snuck" in, be no higher than a 6 seed.

Look how many teams that Nebraska beat that went to the dance versus the 1, that Creighton snuck by in overtime.

Red Sox Fan said...

Keep living in the past cause that's all you are going to be able to talk about this year...CU is set to have a fun year and NU is just going to play out their schedule.

Mr. Trofholz said...

You're probably right, but I'd rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised versus a team aspiring to have a "fun" year and not even be able to win petty, inconsequential, Missouri Valley. I think this ended up being the story for the CU baseball team last year didn't it???

But if you want to talk about this year, how many minutes, strike that, seconds, into the season do you think it will take Stinnett to start bitching at the refs??

wiltonater said...

Creighton plays one BCS school we play 19 if Creighton has the same overall record Nebraska is the far better team.

Also, saying Creighton should beat Nebraska is crazy Nebraska should beat Creighton bad Nebraska is faster and has a much, much, better defense.