Friday, April 18, 2008


KU's Stewart getting hurt in San Antonio......that is SICK!!!


wiltonater said...

Is that from my email?

Big Perm said...


Your lack of sports knowledge shows once again. OSCAR ROBERTSON played for the Celtics? OK.

Sad. Just sad.

Red Sox Fan said...

Ok, I will admit that I got a little caught up with Travis today when I talked about fault. I don't know why I through him in with Cousy, Heinsohn, Havlicek, Russell, Cowens, Silas, Bird etc...Yes, you are right but I wouldn't say "lack of knowledge"...I did name nearly each team entirely...I just got one name wrong...let's see you do that on live radio with a mistake.

But I was not wrong. The best Celtic teams would beat the best Bulls teams.

Big Perm said...

Hard to disagree. Celtics were a complete team. I think the Bulls also took advantage of a weaker NBA.