Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hate To Say It....

But I told you SO!!! NO little guy...and lots of blow outs....ratings suffer!! Hey, NCAA! Wake up and realize the "magic" is gone with only 6 at large mid-majors....

From Media Week:

Through 22 telecasts, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tournament on CBS is averaging a 5.2/11, down 7 percent from last year’s 5.6/12, with viewers averaging 8.0 million per telecast, down from 8.4 million last year.

Those are the lowest numbers at this point since 2003, when the telecasts averaged a 5.0/10, but contributing to these lower numbers this year were the high number of one-sided games throughout the tournament.

A positive for the network heading into this weekend’s Final Four matchups is that this past Sunday’s regional final game between University of Kansas and Davidson delivered an 8.7/17 rating, up 19 percent over the comparable game in last year’s tournament. *SHOCKER! DAVIDSON BROUGHT VIEWERS!!*

But the March 29 (Saturday) regional final games, UCLA vs. Xavier and University of North Carolina vs. Louisville, were down 10 percent and 4 percent, respectively, in household ratings compared to last year’s comparable games.

To date, all male demos are down about 5 percent across the board.

CBS is hoping that the Final Four games in prime time on Saturday, April 5, will draw higher ratings since all four Number One seeds from each bracket are playing one another


MattSantaMaria said...

I'm as big a critic on the tournament committee as anybody (although I think they did a nice job this year), but if you are honestly advising them to pick teams based on injecting the "magic" (whatever the hell that is) back into the NCAA tournament, than I really don't know what to tell you.

I'm a huge Creighton fan and an overall fan of the MVC and mid-major level, but tell these cinderellas to put together a resume if they want into the field. And no, losing by 30 points in your conference championship on a neutral site (Illinois St.) doesn't fit the bill. And of the 6 mid-majors who did, I'm vividly remembering one in particular that was placed in their own backyard, only to be run out of the gym (South Alabama).

If you want fixed results and false entertainment, go watch WWF or reality TV. If you want the best and most deserving basketball teams playing on neutral courts for a National Championship, watch 2 fantastic basketball games this weekend.

Just my opinion.

sublime_fan27 said...

While I will admit, the Tourney has been rather boring thus far. But this Final Four is the best one in over a decade. The 4 best teams are going to go head to head. I, as well as the rest of the country, are going to love it.

Everybody likes to see Cinderella. But let's be honest, the last thing the NCAA needs to do is stick a bunch of mid-majors who don't belong in the Tourney in order to make it more "magical".

Ryan the Angry Midget said...


Your logic is painfully bad here. First of all, there is no evidence to suggest that having mid-majors increases ratings, since last year they had the same 6 at-large mid-major bids and BETTER ratings. One could argue that mid-major inclusion leads to blowouts and actually lower ratings than major conferences.

You're reaching.

CubsNSkers05 said...

The teams that were seeded the highest and seeded because they were the 4 best teams made the Final Four it's as simple as that.

jeffomaha said...

I still can't believe that Davidson had the nerve to play Sweet Caroline at one of their games. Who cares if that's been one of the most famous songs for several decades, didn't they know the almighty Red Sox claimed that as their own just a couple years ago. Who are they to argue with the Red Sox? P.S.-My uncle Joe is pissed Matt claims ownership to that, he claims he was the only person ever to have it at his wedding before that.

jeffomaha said...

I know this isn't the Sweet Caroline thread again, but who the hell cares. Here's my point, if Sadler were to claim ownership to Sweet Caroline as Perrault did for the Red Sox, couldn't you just see Perrault going nuts? "That arrogant SOB Sadler, how does he have the nerve? Why does he think Nebraska is entitled to Sweet Caroline? A national song played for decades and suddenly it's Nebraska's song?!?! What a prick!"