Saturday, April 19, 2008


The Bruins tonight playing the team I have HATED since birth - Montreal - won tonight 5-4 to force a Game 7 but up north of the border on Monday night!!

Great win boys!! There really isn't anything like playoff hockey. Only time I watch really. Does that make me a bandwagon fan - sure. But I have been on that Bandwagon since I was very young.....

PLUS! The Red Sox used the momentum that they got off the Bruins win to come back on Texas! Down 3-2....Ortiz got a RBI single and Manny went DEEEEEP!! 5-3 Red Sox as we go to the 9th!!


gsmith601 said...

Playoff hockey is the best. Too bad the Bruins lost tonight but man do they have a bright future. Washington/Philly and San Jose/Calgary tomorrow should both be great games.


rw mctrofholz said...

Glad the Red Sox are doing well; but how about teams that people give a crap about in the area? Primarily, the Jays. So sad to see that they are in the middle of the pack in a conference, which, evidently doesn't pledge its mediocrity just to basketball. Worry not though Matt, I'm sure the Jays will play the game of their lives tomorrow, beat the Huskers, and that one game can act as the cornerstone of your arguments of how Creighton's baseball team was, in fact, superior to Nebraska's while completely dismissing conference strength, strength of schedule, an objective look at the "big picture", and last but not least common sense. By the way, which will be higher come the end of the year: Jay's losses or Manny Ramirez's ACT score?? Vegas has even odds right now.