Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coldplay Show in Omaha Cancelled

This sucks! From a Coldplay website:

If you were planning on seeing Coldplay June 29-July 12, you are totally hosed, as no dates have been announced to replace the cancelled ones, and seem unlikely since the band heads overseas immediately following the North American jaunt. But you are equally hosed if you planned on seeing the band in Sacramento, San Jose, Winnipeg, Omaha, or their second show in Chicago, because those dates have been cancelled to make up dates in Boston and D.C. These dates may be made up when Coldplay return to North America in November.

Too bad for us....Their new album is amazing!


LankBadly said...

"Wanna know how I know you're gay? Because you like Coldplay" - 40 Year Old Virgin

SC Cy said...

You know there are guys out there that had tickets to both Coldplay AND Celine Dion. That's ground for divorce.

Red Sox Fan said...

right :)

sublime_fan27 said...


You are a Cold Play fan and you are still single at 30? There are just too many signs to ignore.

Red Sox Fan said...

Ha. Ha. Ha. You kill me.