Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Coach Maker to Willams?

Wow. I come back from vacation and Coach Mike Maker is leaving CU. That's not the story - he never fit in with the current staff in my opinion. You could tell - he looked lost at times on the bench, not knowning what his role was suppose to be. He came from the Big East with a great resume, but it just never seemed to click for Coach. Each current guy on Altman's staff seems to have his role clearly defined....except the No. 2 position. We know that Coach Fish is the recruiter. D-Rock is young gun with desires for higher positions and helps explain what Coach Altman wants and Dana is the Captain of the ship. Where did Coach Maker fit? He didn't.

The real story is where he is going....Williams College? DIII? No scholarships. The only game that matters at that school is against BIG TIME rival Amherst College. The battles go back like 150 years or something. From Omaha to Western Mass....very interesting. Great school with hard working kids....kids that seem to favor Coach Maker's style of a Princeton offense. I think he will do very well there. The guy can coach - there is no debating that fact.

I'd like to wish Coach Maker all the luck in the world. He is a GREAT guy and I will miss seeing him around town. Omaha just didn't seem to be his speed however and I expected this move for a while.

Now, it's time for Dana to do something with that No. 2 position. He needs to find someone who can recruit along with Fish. Who did McKenna recruit? Who did Maker recruit? Answer - zero. That has to change with the next hire.

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don geevafuc said...

i completely agree. sunny days await the bluejays once they replace their coaches and get better recruits.