Friday, June 20, 2008

Pat's Night Last Night


Wes134 said...

i thought Boston picked him up, was he traded to the yankee farm system? Also do anyone know the rule on this?

Red Sox Fan said...

No, he was drafted in the 20th round by the Yankees

CubsNSkers05 said...

There is no rule set in place in the majors I believe.

But as we saw it two years ago @ Rosenblatt when Pat Venditee faced a switch hitting Husker, Venditte had to declare first, I believe he declared right hand, so the husker hitter got into the left handed batters box, Venditte tried to change but it was not allowed because that was the rule.

I think Selig or someone said that there is no rule in place and they are going to have to figure something out. It might not have been Selig either.