Sunday, February 24, 2008

In Matt's CD Player

I've wanted to do this for a while since music is such a big part of my life...not playing but listening to it. Most of the music that I listen to doesn't get played on the show. So, I thought that the blog would be a great place to talk about the music that I have found.

When I first thought about a career in the media, the first thing that I wanted to be was a music critic. I loved going to concerts and loved sharing my thoughts on the artists' work. The problem was that I couldn't be critical. All my reviews (unlike my show) were always positive since I only wanted to talk about acts that I liked or admired. Anyways, many of you will hate these selections but some of you might be interested in some new music that I've found awesome. And yes, this could read like a certain non-journal radio station in Omaha playlist.

Kate Nash - Made of Bricks

You have to realize that I really enjoy female singer/songwriters. It's different I know. A side from my standard favorites (U2, REM, Dave Matthews and the occasional metal/emo band), I listen to female singers mostly. I found Kate Nash while watching the Mojo show "London Live" and RAN to get her CD the next day. The first single of the album "Foundations" is an upbeat, witty track that sets the stage for the rest of the album. She's 20 years old from England and has the humor that comes with being young and excited by life. Her amazing accent sets up her songs beautifully. "Mouthwash" is my favorite track on the CD. Scale of 1 to 5 - 4.5

Sara Bareilles - Little Voices

Sara was in Omaha last week and really opened my eyes to her musical talent and amazing voice. "Love Song", her first single off the album, is a really fun song about not buying into the music biz's demands. However, the tracks beyond that are AMAZING and what really make the CD worth buying. "City" and "Gravity" are tracks that really capture Sara's story telling ability. I can tell you first hand after sitting in for her live performance for Star 104.5, she is the real deal. Her anti-establishment songs remind me of a sold-out version Ani Difranco (if that makes any sense) - And I mean that in the kindest way. I've always been attracted to artists who do it there own way and eventually reap rewards for it. I give it a 5 out of 5

Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight

This album is FULL of interesting tracks. You can't put this into one category because it has so many levels and dimensions to it. From pop to jazz to rock, "Under" offers a lot to a lot different tastes. I think we aren't done hearing from this act any time soon. They have super star written all over them. "15" is a track that will make you think and cringe at the same time. "Breakin' Up" is my current favorite track. 4.5 of out 5

Graham Colton - Here Right Now

Here is where I struggle because I don't like this album and upset that I spent 10 bucks to get it. With exception of the catchy single "Best Days", this album is boring. Nothing special about it at all and it sounds like it was rushly put together. Buy the single, skip the album. 1.5 out of 5.

Also check out:

Alison Krauss - A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection. AMAZING album full of great songs from today and yesterday from Alison. She is my favorite country act and a must have for any fan of hers.

I'll try to do this again in the near future.....enjoy the music!


Steve said...

I dig the 311 you play on your show...

Red Sox Fan said...

Thanks...we try to use a lot of differnt artists but once I moved to Omaha - I knew 311 would be a staple on the show. I still love them and listen them often.

Erik in Lincoln said...

You know me Matt -- more DMB! That or some Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Great vibe and amazing guitar playing. Late

johnny drama said...

Can you play any song that you want on the show and if you play a bunch of different music do you have to pay to play each song? Or do you have to pay a royalty at all?

Red Sox Fan said...

Radio station pay a thing called ASCAP fees to the artists. However we don't play more than 30 seconds (longest allowed by law) so we don't have to pay at Big Sports 590. All our other stations do pay it so we are covered that way too...