Sunday, February 10, 2008

Imagine that?....

St. Joe's has a better record and a higher RPI than Oregon. Maybe I'm not crazy to wait til February before I talk about "signature wins".

Great win tonight by the Jays. Finally the monkey gets punted off their backs. Jays beat SIU by 26 in 1988....tonight it was by 19. Jays will need to run table to finish the regular season 23-6 and then win 2 in St. Louis to get an at large bid. They still need to win it all in St. Louis for them to go to the tourney....P'Allen, Cavel and Booker finally went off and played well in the same game - that's the future of the Jays.


Erik in Lincoln said...

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don geevafuc said...

saint joe's at 15-7 qualifies as a "signature win"? i guess that works in light of the fact that 12 of the jays 17 wins are against teams at .500 or below. against "quality opponents" (drake twice, illinois state, xavier, st joe's) creighton is 1-4. they had better win in st louis, they are obviously not going to keep winning their regular season games. one other thing, who cares about RPI? it is not a very good measuring stick and really only takes shape once the season is over. nebraska is not very good, everyone knows that. creighton beating st joe's while nebraska beats arizona state and oregon has little to do with anything other than it would help nebraska's RPI if creighton could actually beat the "quality" teams on their schedule.

Bill Brasky said...

Good posts, fellas.

Let me preface this by saying that Nebraska is not that good and will not be making the NCAA Tournament this year.

So, Creighton Fan/Matty, if St. Joes is your "Signature Win," what is that saying? I'll tell're not very good either.

You know who hangs their hat on RPI and how relevant it is? Mid-Majors that need something to try to justify why they belong with the big boys.

Question to Creighton Fan/Matty. If Nebraska is such a horrible program, why do you continually make comparisons?

I think Erik in Lincoln gives the answer correctly.

Red Sox Fan said...

Oh how your memory fades you...

I NEVER said St. Joe's was a "Signature win". What I am talking about is that the article in December about Nebraska and CU basketbal in OWH pointed out HOW great the Oregon win was. I simply said that St. Joe's could turn out to be a better win that Oregon and you guys told me (and Dirk) that I was nuts...

Just pointing it out.

don geevafuc said...

nonetheless, st. joe's is creighton's signature win. the other two in the running for that distinction would have to be nebraska (14-7) or arkansas little rock (15-8). that is how miserable creighton's wins are this season.
i'm not a nebraska fan. i am a basketball fan who can clearly see that as bad as nebraska is they still have wins over oregon and arizona state while creighton has successfully won one game over st. joe's. why try to fan the rivalry flames with nebraska when creighton is still a decent win away from keeping up with the lowly huskers?

Bill Brasky said...

Both St. Joes & Oregon are good wins, but not great. St. Joes is 15-7 & Oregon is 14-9.

Oregon plays in maybe the toughest conference in the country and St. Joes plays in maybe the 7th.

Oregon has played the 16th, or so, rated schedule, St. Joes 73rd.

Both RPI's are pretty much equal.

In the end, the Oregon & Arizona St. wins look better than a win against St. Joes.

andy said...

What's Evansville's RPI?

CubsNSkers05 said...

quality win @ Evansville tonight way to hold that 12 point lead.

magic said...

This is why we don't want 2 Division 1 Football teams in the state. If we had one Division 1 Basketball team in the state they might be good.