Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jays Exhibit Signs of Life

The Jays opened the 2007-2008 season with a nice victory over EA Sports tonight in front of a paid attendence of over 13,000. The Qwest Center didn't feel like it will when Depaul comes into to town next Friday but Creighton fans got a chance to see future...which by the way - looks alot like the past. Running, gunning, pressing.....88-75 win. Nice start...but it's just a start.

Here are my impressions from the game:

Bahe – He has come to play. Hitting the 3. Running the floor. Being a leader. Starting spot is for sure deserving. He really impressed me with 10 points

P’Allen – well, he’s P’Allen. My Favorite Player this summer will be my fav this winter. Sets the attitude of the team. Cocky, sure of himself…2 touched 2 3’s taken. Him and Bahe are the soul of this team.

Watts – Nice first half on the boards as an undersized player. He’s quiet but he bangs and plays hard.

Dotzler – still too dribble happy. Needs to give the ball up more or he’s going to lose his playing time. Can't do the drive on the baseline thing anymore.....

Lawson – He has REALLY long arms. Needs to not put the ball on the floor…runs the floor well and has a nice upside.

Woodfox – seems a bit confused on where to be. Needs to play harder on defense because he’s undersized and will have his shot blocked a lot due to his height

Witter – didn’t see a lot of him in the 1st half but he seems to be able to fit into the system

Walker - out of shape as the injuries have obviously affected his conditioning. Seems a touch confused on where to be. Needs to be stronger with the ball but he has a HUGE base. You can see the potential.

Millard – LOVE his stroke. Has the ability to score a lot and be a really key member of this team. Gotta find his shot in the offense but plays good D and has the ability to alter shots. Will create MAJOR match up problems.

Hibma – well, he’s Pierce. Plays all out, gives up his body and will fight with anyone. Harriman – slow but has a WONDERFUL stroke. Could be a nice, catch and shoot guy for the Jays this year. Nice option off the bench

Korver – he will redshirt – WAY too thin

Dana - well, he's coaching like it's the Valley Tournament. So good to have him back!


creightonfan23 said...

Matt. I am so sick and tired of you talking about Creighton hoops like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Nobody outside of Omaha gives a rats ass about them and you know this. You are obsessed with trying to make NU a huge rivalry with Creighton when in all reality NU has their own problems with REAL teams like KU, Texas, Texas A&M, etc...The Valley is one of the most over-hyped conferences (especially around here, it makes me sick). The last Valley team to make the Final 4 was the 1978 Indiana State Larry Bird team. Outside of SIU the Valley CHOKES every year in the NCAA tournament yet you continue to feed Creighton Nation with the bogus perception that Creighton is a good basketball team. By the way....Dana Altman 2-7 in the NCAA's. AWESOME!!!

Red Sox Fan said...

And Nebraska has done what in the NCAA tournament? Oh, that's right 0 wins....nice program.

Larry Legend said...

I agree w/ what creightonfan23 said. Pretty accurate. The difference between NU & CU is that NU doesn't claim to be so great like CU does. You talk to any CU fan and you'd think they were Duke or something. Weren't they preseason top 15 last year? How'd that work out for them? Plus, Doc Sadler is 1-0 against the almighty Benedict Arnold Dana Altman. Didn't he turn his back on CU and leave for Arkansas?

One last thing, I'm still waiting for Mr. Perrault to comment, bash, rip-to-shreds, CU's schedule. You wrote a whole article on how embarassing NU's schedule is, but CU's is pretty much the same.

Husker4Yankees said...

Yea, we are like 18-12 in the past 30 years versus Creighton (and twice we were responsible for ending their season). I know you are still kind of new around here, so I will give you a pass on the history. They made a bit of run when we had Collier....lets see how they do against Doc.

Furthermore, shitting on a program just because we have not won a game in the NCAA is nice too. All about wins and losses to you. Creighton's won a couple...and lost many. Don't make em out to be freaking UCLA.

Why stop at basketball. If you wanna compare athletic programs....

How many National Championships has Creighton won in.....ah hell, name the sport? I'll be waiting. We got 23 total.

bteeinoff said...

i dont remember bahe scoring a single point.

magic said...

I'm still waiting for a Creighton Fan to come out and back up Matt. When Matt talks about the Bluejays us sports fans outside of Omaha the first thing that comes to our mind is the Seward Bluejays. We always have to remind ourselves he is talking about the Creighton Bluejays.

aarons said...

that is matt's only comeback, something bad about nebraska. But he will quickly tell you how good the Red Sox are or the Patriots, like people here in the midwest give a shit. Just like when he is wrong he will be the last to admit it. Just remember back to last year during football season when he picked A&M to beat NU and the following Monday wouldnt answer any phone calls calling him out. He is a real class act. Typical east coast guy