Saturday, November 10, 2007

Break Up Sex

Lincoln NE: 38-10 at Halftime here in Lincoln over Kansas St. Pretty impressive for the Huskers. But here is what this is:

Break Up Sex.

We will all roll out of bed tomorrow morning it will all still be over. But for's one more time for fun so let's just lay back and enjoy the experience together.

K St isn't good but Nebraska should be more embarrassed that they decided to play today and not the previous 5 games. 5-6 looks likely....can they win one more? Do we really want to have to go through a bowl practice season with a huge ? over all our heads? 3 halfs of football left to find out.

Props to Joe Ganz who is stating a case to start next year no matter who is the Coach.

I should know to never change my first gut feeling....a month ago I picked NU over K St. This morning - I picked K St. by 10 to win. First game I will get wrong on the year straight up. 10-1 is still not bad....but I had a 2007 Patriots thing going....

***full write up on the Jays game will be up later tonight


magic said...

Break Up Sex... Now that sounds like a feel good explanation from a non professional 30 year old imature single talk show host. Maybe lets just not do anymore predicting and just report us the facts of what's happening. We know Calahan is gone so you don't have to keep beating a dead horse. Give the Seniors some credit for playing for themselves and having a great game.

aarons said...

Matt, cant you just not be negative for just one game. Finally there is something else to talk about, and yet you still find something, anything to bitch about. Your whole thing is about getting ratings and thats great, you have a pretty good show. But last week you said nothing about KU running up the score. Maybe you should just give up the radio gig and be the new voice of the jays. That is about as painful to listen too also. Keep up the good work. Lets try to get Petey Mac on a little more for ya!!

Alex said...

This guy is a joke. Wasn't this blog the same one that reported that Watson was going to be acting head coach for the last 4-5 games?

Immature 30 year old from the east coast -- how the heck did he become a commentary on Nebraska football?