Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1978 All Over Again????

I will admit that I have been some-what distracted this September by football and work. Normally, I would have posted on here a long time ago about what is happening to my favorite baseball team. Often, this space becomes my virtual couch to vent my frustrations. I get to do that now as the Red Sox are doing their best to vomit the American League East up to the Yankees for the 10 straight year.

Can we all admit that the Eric Gagne trade was one of the worst deals that GM Theo the Mastermind has ever made? Worse than giving up Bronson for Willy Mo Pathetic who's Nationals are going to given a parade in Philly after this year is over. Worse, because Gagne was suppose to be a guy that the Red Sox were going to lean on down the stretch to help out the exhausted bullpen. Willy Mo was a 4th outfielder that we thought could develop into a talent and then buried by signing J.D. Boooo. Gagne was suppose to be good. Well, he sucks. Period.

Tonight in Toronto, with the Yankees killing the Orioles, Gagne entered the game with a 2-1 lead. The Red Sox started the game with 3.5 game lead over the Evil Empire and desperately needed a win to stop the bleeding over the past few days. The Sox lost last night on a complete game performance by a guy with the worse facial hair in the Bigs. So the old bald one goes to the pen to get they guy that GM Mastermind picked up for this very situation. Bad move.

After 2 quiet outs, all hell broke loose for the once great closer. The final line: 3 runs, 2 outs and a 4-2 deficit that ended as a 4-3 loss. The lead is 2.5. 1978 all over again? With 10 games left - maybe.

There is no doubt that Red Sox are going to be playing in October but against whom? Home vs. Cleveland or AT L.A. BIG BIG difference! How big would it be for New York to avoid the team that is kryptonite to them. A month ago, it was all about the Red Sox bullpen. Okajima, Delcarmen, Papelbon and company had the best ERA in the league. Now - they are a complete train wreck. They threw away a great start by Jon Lester tonight and are making Red Sox fans sweat every time they come into the game. 2-1 games are what the playoffs are all about and this team looks like 2003 waiting to happen all over again. Where's Bucky and Aaron?

I'll say it again - I'd be suicidal if 2004 didn't happen. At least we aren't talking about stupid curses but the Mets and the Red Sox both can't seem to get their acts together right now. 2.5 games up for the Sox. 1.5 games for the Mets (they are down 9-8 in the 9th). Can they still win their divisions? Yes - but don't ask either fan base right now because they'll need to be on a real couch talking this out if they don't.


Husker4Yankees said...

"Damn it feels good to be a Gangster"

Matt, you should have been checking that rear view mirror. Objects are closer than they appear. The big tip off should have been the sweep in the Bronx and then the Bombers taking two of three in Chowder town.

I wonder how many of those pink hats we will see in Fenway next year after the Yanks win the division and then prepare to play the Angels in the ALCS? They may have an edge in the regular season this year, but lets see if they can bring it in the post season.

At least you have a good Pats team to soothe your soon to once again be tortured chowder soul.

Keep up the good work.

Brian in Lincoln said...

Boston is lucky that the Tigers are tanking just as bad as they are, at least they are not fighting just to get into the playoffs. They have looked very bad the last few weeks.