Sunday, July 8, 2007

Matt Screwed Up

Information previously on here was not for release.


Sean Weide said...

Was this it?

From the fishwrap:
Prized Creighton recruit P'Allen Stinnett underwent arthroscopic surgery on Monday to repair torn cartilage in his knee, two people with knowledge of the situation said.

Creighton coach Dana Altman declined to comment on Stinnett's knee injury, citing restrictions under federal health privacy laws. Stinnett also declined to comment, although he did confirm he underwent surgery earlier in the day.

Red Sox Fan said...

Yes but that story violated the HIPA law. I had to take it down on Sunday because it was illegal for me to post the info that I did. I wonder if my blog is where he got the story 2 days later :)

Sean Weide said...

Those darn HIPAA laws.

It's interesting, though, how many times coaches and administrators try to hide behind them when it is not a "blanket" law covering comment on any and all injuries and situations. They'd like to lead you to believe it is that way.