Monday, July 30, 2007

First The Red Sox...Now The Celtics?

As a life-long fan of all things Bostonian, today was a special, special day. Bill Simmons writes a lot better than I do - so everyone should read this. However, I want to say a few words.

For my entire life....I mean my ENTIRE life - I looked at the Red Sox winning the World Series as my ultimate sports goal. After it happened, on the cold October night watching in Alabama on TV with my then-girlfriend, I thought everything was right in the world. It was a moment the nation would remember. The Red Sox are something unique in the sports world with a fanbase that lives and dies with every game. Only the Cubs have a fan base that can understand the pains that come with loving a sports franchise that had been historically deformed. All that changed in 2004 and the city no longer had a pernial loser to feel sorry for. After the last few years of basketball in Boston, we have felt the pain of losing again thanks to the Celtics...a team that used to raise banners consistently.

And now to the news today....somehow the Boston Celtics are on the verge of trading for Center Kevin Garnett. In 1986, the last time the Celtics won a Championship, I was 9 years old. My uncle used to take me to the Boston Garden to watch games. The seats were directly behind the basket - a great few to watch the brillance of Bird, McHale, and Parrish - 3 Hall of Famers. Now, we are looking at the next Big 3 - 21 years later. Maybe not 3 Hall of Famers but Pierce, Allen, and Garnett will be very tough to handle....How good will they be? We will see but that' s why we are so excited because we get to for basically 1 player...Al Jefferson. The rest - just like the players in the deal for Ray Allen...WHO CARES! It's KEVIN GARNETT!! Hall of Famer! Are you really worried about S. Telfair going to the T-wolves??? How bout Gerald Green or a mid-20's 1st round pick in 2008?

21 years between's not 86 years like the Red Sox but it's still a long time for this 30 year old. Bias, Lewis, Lottery ping bong balls, Pitino etc....all negative things. It's been too long since there has been something good to talk about with the Celtics and we have.....wait for it.....DANNY AINGE to thank for it. But maybe that's not the right train of thought....maybe Simmons is right....maybe we should thank Kevin McHale for this day. Regardless, it's a day to celebrate. The Eastern Conference is very weak and if the Cavs can get to the Finals without a second star....look out. 2004 was amazing but sometimes it's harder to experience losing after winning....winning 16 championships! The Celtics have stood as one of the greatest sports franchises ever. Bird, Cousey, Heinson, Russell, Johnson, Parrish, McHale, Roberson, and many others who built the franchise deserve to see the glory restored.

Celtic Pride baby.....Celtic Pride once again.

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