Monday, January 24, 2011

What's In A Number?

Do you believe in fate? That you are on a predetermined path and nothing you can do can change what will become of your life?  

I don't because I don't like to think I'm not in control of my own decisions. I think I carve my own path in life. However, there is something similar that has been a part of my life that has often caused me to think about fate and the path I've been on. 

I believe in luck, fortunate situations that work out for you because you were in the place you were supposed to be. I also believe that some things just …. happen. But doing what you were born to do is the key to being content in my opinion, and being on the right path will often lead to luck finding its way to you. 

Now, do you believe in lucky numbers? I mean more than just favorite numbers but numbers that actually are in play with your life and can sometimes show you, in hindsight, that you went the right direction?   

Mine are 2, 4, 7, 14, 21, 28, and 32 and the role they've played in my life is pretty wild. 

Those are not numbers just pulled out of thin air and I’ve actually spent some time thinking about them and how they are involved in my life and when I do, I get a little freaked out. 

I've come to believe that there is a rhyme and possibly a reason to how I've bounced around in this life and I've seen good things happen to me when those numbers are in play.

Maybe I’m completely crazy or completely supersitous but I don’t believe in a traditional “God” or “Religion” so maybe this is my wacko belief system that has no proof but it’s not like I let this govern my life nor do I use them before I make a decision. I just think it’s cool to point them out after the fact when things go right and my numbers are involved.

Here’s how I got my numbers:

I was born on 4-4-77. April 4, 1977

In that (2) 4s and (2) 7s exist right? Well, I took 2 (the 4s) x 7 = 14 and then went 4 x 7 = 28.

14 was my number growing up for all sports until I couldn’t get it for basketball and had to go with 32. 14 was my "lucky" number and was always drawn to it for whatever reason. I don’t know for sure why I picked 32 but I think it was the favorite number of my girlfriend at the time and I used it for my senior year for varsity soccer as well. 

How did I get 21? Well, the best I can come up with is Roger Clemens wore it, my second favorite Red Sox player growing up. So I’m cool with that and I’ve always liked 21. It’s Blackjack after all.

Des Moines has been awesome to me. So, I like to look around and see if there is a possible number equation that could be why I was suppose to come here. Maybe that's really weird but I like to know why I was supposed to move here. 

I love my building downtown but I loved it even more when I saw that if you add the numbers in my address it equals 4. I was really pumped too when I saw that when you take my apartment number it’s 2 x 7 = 14. Those numbers came into my life completely by chance and I didn't even realize it until I had lived here for 6 months but I think it’s a good omen. 

My Iowa license plate has the number 32 on it totally by chance and my Nebraska plate had 2s and 7s in it. 


I work at 2141 Grand Ave. 2 X 1 = 2. 4 x 1 = 4. In addition to those numbers 2, 4, and 21 are in the address. Fate? Just dumb luck? Probably but it’s still cool to me.   

Oh, by the way, I work on 1460 on the AM dial. LOL. I worked at 590 AM in Omaha before that. 5 plus 9 = 14

My first job where I learned how to become a talk show host in Alabama, the one place I never thought I would ever live and had to be convinced to take the job by my first ever PD by being told that I was a natural talk show host but I just didn't know it yet ...  was on 730 AM. 

7 x 3 = 21. :) 

Maybe I’m nuts but I still think it’s cool. 

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