Monday, November 8, 2010

Back To My Roots

There has always been deep love for female singer song-writers in my life. It was put there by my mother who played Edie Brickell, Tracy Chapman, 10,000 Manics and others in the house while I was growing up. While my tastes expanded as I got older to include several male oriented genres, I still come back to the music of my childhood quite often.

Being exposed to those powerful female artists early in life planted the seed for my obsession with acts like Ani Difranco, who has been a staple in my life since I was 18. I've seen Ani over 15 times in several different states, most recently this past spring in Des Moines and Omaha on back to back nights.

The connection to female singer/songwriter music is obvious as my mother raised me by herself and the lyrics of those artists speak to the trials and tribulations of women in today's society. My mother's strength empowered me to become the independent thinker that I am today and I owe everything to the sacrifices my mother made to get me where I am today.

Whenever I find a new female musical talent that reminds of my childhood, or any new act for that matter - I love to share the find with as many people as possible. It's why I wanted to go into music radio at first.

Brit Laura Marling is simple amazing and comes from the same group of singer/songwriters that has produced Mumford and Sons and Andrew Bird. While still young at 21, she is extremely talented and her EP and two albums that have followed are FANTASTIC. Highly recommend her music.

Here are a few live tracks showing off her amazing voice.

Not live but this is my favorite song by her

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