Monday, April 19, 2010

Ani DiFranco - Omaha April 18, 2010 The Slowdown

If you were to draw up THE set list that most Ani DiFranco fans would kill to hear, I think Omaha's stop on this current tour would be pretty darn close to what it would look like.

The night before in Des Moines, the show was sleepy and very current as the theatre audience allowed Ani to play slower tracks that honestly were difficult to digest on a Saturday night.

The next night however, Ani ripped into her version of what could be called a "greatest hits show" if she ever wanted to do one.

Talk about a different show from one night to the next!

Classic songs exploded into my ears from the first Ani album I ever bought - Dilate which shot me back to walking the UMass campus with Untouchable Face blaring on my headphones. Amazing tracks from Little Plastic Castle including Swan Dive (my favorite DiFranco song and a huge source of inspiration for my radio career) and Red Letter Year's incredibly political Alla This filled the 90 minute set list.

She played Grey32 Flavors, Fuel, and Napoleon!

The show was so good that I actually reverted back to being 19 again and asked for the set list from the sound old trick that I used to pull out for only the biggest of shows.

It was simply an amazing night. If you love Ani DiFranco, that set list should make you just say "WOW!"

2 Shows in 2 nights that could not have been more different but so much fun. Just another reason why Ani DiFranco is my favorite female artist ever.


m said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm still in awe of it. Highlights for me were "Done Wrong", "Fuel", and "Napoleon ". It was the first Ani concert for me, but I have been listening to her for about 15 years. It was amazing to see.

Matt Perrault said...

well, if that was your first concert for her - you got a TREAT! I've been seeing her since 1995 and that was a really special night. The setting, the crowd, the songs...all were great!

francoapple said...

When Ani's on tour I search the net every day to find the setlist. I just happen to find your blog.
So thank you very much for posting these 2 setlists. Specially for the pic which will add to our gallery, hope it's ok.

Matt Perrault said...

No problem at all. Thanks for your interest