Friday, March 12, 2010

Since 1999....

This quotes sums up my life since I left my mother holding my 1 month old sister in her arms on the front lawn in Andover, Ma. as I drove out of site:

"They take pictures of mountain climbers at the top of the mountain.  
They are smiling, ecstatic, triumphant. They don’t take pictures along the way cause who wants to remember the rest of it? We push ourselves because we have to, not because we like it. The relentless climb. The pain and anguish of taking it to the next level. 
Nobody takes pictures of that. Nobody wants to remember. You just wanna to remember the view from the top. The breathtaking moment at the end of the world. That’s what keeps us climbing. And it’s worth the pain – that’s the crazy part. It's worth anything " - Grey's  

I'm hard wired for Radio. Don't know why....but I am.