Monday, October 5, 2009

Matt's Monday Thoughts for Oct. 5th

I experienced something this weekend for the first time in my 10 years as a radio professional.

I went back to a town that I had previously worked in to stay overnight.

Since 1999, I’ve lived in Charlottesville, VA., Huntsville, AL, and Omaha, Nebraska. All great towns but it wasn't until Saturday night that I actually woke up in my old place of living the next morning. It was kind of weird to be honest, especially waking up in a hotel room after living in the city for 4 years.

Being gone only 5 months after my move to Des Moines made it a lot easier to pick up where I left off but it was still an interesting experience to see so many faces that I knew. Yet, there were some changes that surprised me like construction and new bars that had opened up.

I was back in town for a bunch of client meetings for my Creighton website and then I went to the Tucker Max movie and party event. While seeing “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” was a cool experience, the party…..well – I only have 1 word and it’s not good for those of you who know of Tucker and would expect a great story:


It was at a bar in West Omaha that tries very hard to make you think you are not in Nebraska. The lighting, the drink prices, the music….all trying very hard to convince you that you are aren’t in a city of less than 1 million people and state with less than 2.

A for effort though but the douche bag dudes out numbered the attractive girls 10 to 1 and the vibe of the place was that of a bad frat party.

Not my scene.

I actually was staying at the same hotel as Tucker Max and met him in the lobby as I was checking in. 5’6, probably 160 lb…nothing special to look at but a nice guy and somebody you can tell is still getting used to the spotlight. He’s jumpy at first when you alert him that you know who he is but calms down quickly.

At the overpriced, wanna-be city bar, I talked with Tucker for a minute or two amid guy after guy trying to shake his hand or talk to him or get an autograph. It’s kind of weird to think about his celebrity. All he really did was tell stories about his life.

As I told him – he could be 1 of 100 guys in the country but the difference is that he’s an outstanding story teller. He disagreed with me saying that it was him just being honest. Maybe – but honesty with a talent for putting words together has made him a lot of money.

A lot more than if he would have tried to be an actor. His 1 scene in the movie flopped.

Thank god for the Rose and Crown….my bar in Omaha. That made the night fun and drunk after I left the Tucker worship party.

*Entourage. Season finales are always sad. I hate them to be honest. All endings have been met with a nasty response by me. Even back when my mom used to pick me up from sleep away camp…I hated the final day. No more fun and games.

Well, the ending to this season was awesome. E proposing to Sloan was a gift to me because I was pissed that Jamie Singler was off the show after breaking up with Turtle. You have to give us one of the two and Sloan marrying E keeps her around for good.

As a 32 year old, a lot of my friends are getting married soon or have been married for a while. It was nice to see the real life side of the show poke through.

Next season could be the last. Donna and David’s marriage ended 90210. Maybe E and Sloan’s will end Entourage. They can’t keep going forever.

*Bored to Death. This show is going to be fun. I really like it and the comedy is perfectly matched to me. HBO has a big hit on their hands again.

Now, where is Big Love?

*Boy I feel for Iowa St. Another really tough loss at Arrowhead after the previous one to Florida St. and a game they would have won if they had A-Rob. 3-2 is still not horrible. But where are the 3 W's coming from now for a bowl game?

*Iowa's Ricky Stanzi was having a killer game...until he became Ricky Stanzi again and threw a pick 6 vs. Arkansas St. He's still the 1 guy who might keep them from a Big 10 title.

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