Thursday, May 7, 2009

American Idol Is Officially Girly

American Idol is stupid.  I will admit that off the top.  However, I'm a huge music fan and since Idol has produced a few acts that have become good - see Underwood, or successful - see Hudson:  I watch from time to time.  

Now, my biggest problem with Idol is the fact that these kids are considered "artists" or at least Kara - the hot but strangely deranged judge - told them to they had to be to win.  Wrong.  All they have to be is male.  No guy in the there right F'ing mind will pick up the phone and vote for another guy who sings.  That would be ridiculous.  If another guy can sing - you just acknowledge and move on.  You don't take action.  Now, if a hot girl can sing - that's another story but even then - if she isn't answering the number you are calling, why the heck would you waste your time?  You know who votes on Idol now - my 9 year old sister Maggie and her friends.  Thus, you get 2 dudes at the end of Idol and the one girl who will actually have a career - Alison goes home (pic left).  In the beginning, lots of people were watching Idol.  Thus you had a lot girls winning cause they were the best and the teeny boppers couldn't vote for their 9 grade crushes.  Now, that's all that's left.  Girls voting for the cute guy or in this cause - the gay cute one.  

Ok, I know I just wrote a blog piece on American freaking Idol, but I had to get that out.  That Adam dude is a freak and can't sing anything except a Broadway play.  The fact that he is going to win has guaranteed another Ruben Studdard.  Enjoy those sales Simon.

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