Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Don't forget to wish your Mom a Happy Mom's Day tomorrow.....I'm happy to report that the surprise-homecoming was just that... my mom was very happy to see me and my siblings didn't spoil the suprise.

On a quick side note - I took my little sister Maggie shopping this afternoon. I'm 31 - I have zero kids...I have no clue about this stuff but kids clothes are CHEAP! I bought her 3 outfits complete with shoes for $120 at Kids Gap. Now, I'm the borderline metro of the show so that's normally less money than what I pay for a single pair of JEANS!

The problem, as my mother quickly pointed out, is that she will be grown out of them in less than 6 months or wreck them...then you have to buy more. That's a very good point since most of my jeans last me 2 years or so....Like I said before, I'm 31 going on 24 :).

**update** My sister promply wore one of her new dresses to a birthday party and ruined it with red marker. Yup, my mother was right again....

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