Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007-08 Husker Schedule is a Joke

Today we got peak at the ridiculous non-conference schedule that Nebraska basketball will play this year. How about these GEMS of home games: Presybtrian College (First year DI), Alabama A+M (horrible program), Norfolk St (who?), IPFW (huh?), Savannah St. (how many southern cupcakes can you schedule), NC Central (what?), Alcorn St. (please), Maryland Eastern Shore (never heard of them!). Count 'em : 8 bought wins vs. awful teams!

Make sure you buy your baseline seats this year! The best games on the year will be played....IN OMAHA! (at Creighton and vs. Oregon). How's that Husker basketball fan? Oh, and to top it off...get this from Huskerhoopscentral.com:

More home games means more cost plus the price per ticket goes up $2 each so for my two pairs of tickets that is a $164 increase over last year.

YOUR TICKET PRICES WENT UP!!!! Wow, that's ballsy - even for Doc Sadler.

How's the RPI going to look with those games on the schedule? Sure, Rutgers, ASU, Oregon, and Creighton will help and the Big 12 season will help too but Nebraska basketball is trying to compete with Creighton for exposure. The Jays will play Depaul (home), Drexel (road), St. Joe's (home), and Xavier (home I think) - teams you have HEARD OF! If Nebraska basketball wants to be noticed - how about you play teams that actually have a chance making the tournament as more than a 16 seed. I know all of CU's home games won't be great but they will have 15,000 plus for every single one. If NU wants people to show up - they need to schedule teams that are worth paying for.

Doc Sadler tried to tell me today that he didn't know how many games were scheduled before the Creighton game. He also tried to tell me that Dana Altman didn't care about the NU vs. CU game very much and where it was on CU"s schedule and that he didn' t know the rules of the Summer League. Please...0 for 3 Doc. I guess my relationship with Nebraska basketball will stay as is......not good.


mike in Omaha said...

Matt the only reason Creighton has a few tougher games preseason is because they don't have to play Kansas twice. Texas, Okie State, Texas A&M and Missouri twice. The valley is better but don't even tell SIU is comparable to KU.

Husker4Yankees said...


I am a little late to the game here and am not sure exactly what your issue is with the Huskers, but it seems to be effecting you judgment and grammar. Look, I like Creighton. I am proud to be have Creighton associated with Creighton. Having said that, NU does not compete for exposure with Creighton. With the exception of KMTV, we get plenty of exposure. We play in the Big XII. Winning pretty much guarantees exposure...trust me, I have been a Husker fan since the Iba days.

Unfortunately, Sadler got a program that was in a sad state. I am willing to have cream puffs on the schedule to ensure a decent non-conference record this year. The team is relatively young and I think the more experience they get this year the better. Playing in the Big XII is enough tough competition for the players to get used to that. However, if they are thrown to the wolves this year and miss the postseason, they miss the extra extra experience and game time that comes with either an NCAA or NIT berth. I gave Callahan his losing season, I can give Sadler his crappy schedule. I would expect it to get better every year--along with the team's performance. I would also expect that in season 3-4 he is in competing in the top half of the Big XII. I know it can be done here.

So, what's the deal with you and Sadler anyway?

On another topic. This may shock you as I am a Yankee fan, but I am also a big Patriot fan. Started following them when Tuna went there. I like his style. Anyway, I have to give you props for introducing the rest of Omaha to Fitzy. I love his posts during football season. They crack me up during baseball season, because the BoSoxs are the BoSox...and it is almost guaranteed that they will go BoSox (as evidenced by the last two nights) Rocket is still the man at 45....can't believe the Sox gave up on him because he was too old and lost his stuff...Yankees are going to make a run at it..Wild Card is no problem, but we are not out of the Division either.

Should be an interesting Fall...

Bill Brasky said...

Matty, we're all waiting for your post ripping Creighton for their joke of a schedule. I'm guessing we won't find one.

Bill Brasky said...

Matt? You there? Anything on YOUR TEAM's, I mean the Jays schedule? You had a lot to say about the Huskers.

Bill Brasky said...

Maaaatttt, we're waiting. Anything on Creighton's pud schedule? You were quick to bash the Huskers.